Chief Green Serves Thirty Years

Chief Green Serves Thirty Years

Edward J. Green, Chief of the Steubenville, Ohio, Fire Department, rounded out thirty years service with the city fire force.

He joined the department on September 22, 1902. On May 13, 1912 he was made Captain and on November 1, 1918 was advanced to head of the department when Chief William B. Martin retired.

Chief Green is now serving his third term as President of the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Board and is also President of the Ohio State Fire Chiefs” Association. He was also State Vice-President of Ohio of the I. A. F. C. Chief Green is an honorary member of the Ohio Fire Fighters’ Association.

All New York City firemen were ordered to duty on Election Night because of the prevalence of many bonfires. Last year there were 1,779 fire telegraph signals in the twentyfour hours of Election Day, even though politically, 1931 was an off year. There were also 142 false alarms last Election Day.

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