Chief Haney’s Coup.

Chief Haney’s Coup.


Chief T. W. Haney has returned from a ten days’ leave of absence which he spent in Atlanta. While there he performed a big service for Jacksonville in the way of getting the insur ance rates lowered.

When he left here, he went with the intention of doing what he could to have the city rerated, but none of the city officials knew what his mission was, thinking that he was just off for a pleasure trip and a visit to his family in Atlanta. While he was there the Southeastern Tariff Association held a meeting for the purpose of taking action on the report of Chief Joyner as to the condition in which he found the Jacksonville Fire Department on his recent visit to this city. It had been heard by Chief Joyner that one of the members of the association had said that he would not vote to rerate the city on account of the failure of Chief Joyner to make such a recommendation.

Chief Joyner’s report was to the effect that he had found the fire department in a much better condition than it was on’ his first visit. While his recommendations had not been fully carried out there had been other improvements made that he had not asked for, and he thought it was about a stand off.

Previous to the meeting Chief Haney and Chief Joyner were invited to be present. On going before the board Chief Joyner told the committee much as he had said in his communication, and said further that the reason he had not made-⅛ any recommendation as to a reduction was because he had** not been requested to do so, but would say that the department was very efficient and he would recommend that the rates be lowered.

Chief Haney stated to the committee that the department was in a very good condition and that it was as good now as any town of the size of Jacksonville, and he was sure that the department would be improved from time to time and that before a great while would be second to none in the South. Chief Joyner and Chief Haney then took leave of the committee, and nothing more was heard of the matter by Chief Haney until this morning when he was handed the following copy of a letter received by Mr. Haynes :

ATLANTA, GA., May 11, 1893. LAWRENCE HAYNES, Secretary, Jacksonville, Fla.:

DEAR Sir.—At a meeting of the executive committee held yesterday. Chief Haney of your fire department and Chief Joyner of this city were invited to be present, and upon representations made as to the condition of the fire department at Jacksonville at this time, and the promise held out for future improvements, the recent action touching the twenty-five cents additional charge for inefficiency was reconsidered and the ‘ following resolution adopted :

Resolved, That the city of Jacksonville, Fla., be rerated at the earliest practicable moment and that when the said rates are published the twenty-five cents additional charge for inefficient fire department be discontinued. It being understood that when the tariff is published existing policies of insurance are not to be disturbed, nor shall any rebates be allowed, by reason of the discontinuance of the “ red slip.” In accordance with the above resolution Jacksonville will be at once rerated under the new schedule which has been adopted since the present rating of your city was made, and which is being applied to all cities in our territory. I desire to add that the committee were much pleased with the earnest interest manifested by Chief Haney in the effectiveness of your fire department, and it is their hope that the city authorities will grant him all the support which the needs of the service demand.

f Yours truly,


S. Y. TUPPER, Secretary.

Chief Haney has displayed great interest in the affairs of his adopted home, and deserves the highest praise. A very small mark of the appreciation of his services in securing lower rates of insurance would be the refunding of the expenses of his recent trip.


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