Chief Hederman, Hornell. N. Y., Retires

Chief Hederman, Hornell. N. Y., Retires

Chief Joseph M. Hederman, who has been at the head of the fire department of Hornell, N. Y., for upwards of 30 years, was retired on pension on June 1, the condition of his health being such that he no longer felt able to continue the responsibility of his position as chief. He has been retired on half pay.

Chief Hederman was Hornell’s first paid chief. He entered the service on April 18, 1893, at that time, the city having a volunteer department consisting of 5 hose companies and 1 hook and ladder company. The hook and ladder truck was horse-drawn but the remainder of the hose carts were drawn by the men themselves. Chief Hederman had not long been in the city’s service when he began to realize that it needed a paid department and in January, 1902, largely through his efforts, the Hornell paid fire department was inaugurated. Chief Hederman had been at the head of the volunteer department about two years at this time and so continued as chief of the paid department. The paid forces at this time consisted of three men: Chief Hederman. Jesse Bent, who later became assistant chief and one other member. As the new paid force was too small to cope with a fire of any size, the volunteer companies were kept active and hose houses were provided for them in different parts of the city. In 1912, the city provided for a new fire department building which has been in use ever since. At this time, the apparatus was all horse-drawn, but a few years after the first motor truck was installed, this being brought about largely through the efforts of Chief Hederman.

Ex-Chief Joseph M. Hederman, Taken About Time of His Appointment

Platt M. Bond has been appointed chief of the fire department of Hornell and John Kelleher assistant chief, taking the place of Chief Bent, also retired.

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