Chief Herring Starts First Aid Team

Chief Herring Starts First Aid Team

Those who delight in propounding the theory that fire chiefs’ conventions are but a waste of time, have but to note what Chief Albert Herring, of Murphysboro, Ill., has accomplished, following ideas gained at the last I. A. F. C. convention. He made the trip to Birmingham at his own expense and feels well repaid with new thoughts in fire department work.

He returned to his city determined to start a first aid team. There were not enough men in the department to warrant this, although such a unit would be of material benefit to the community. He went to the manager of the Western United Has and Electric Company and asked him for men with which to start the good work. The manager was very well impressed and cooperated with the chief in every way possible.

The team started practicing October 29. It has become so proficient in the various evolutions that Chief Herring is anxious to arrange for some kind of a drill team competition in the state and to enter the unit that he started.

Several public demonstrations have been given. The team explained the Schaffer method of artificial respiration. At this public exhibition they bandaged a man who was supposed to have been burned from the hips to the top of his head, and they completed the operations in one minute, fifty-one seconds. Teams are allowed a contest time of five minutes for this operation.

The men also exhibited first aid operations for one whose spinal column had been dislocated. In the astonishingly short time of one minute and fortv-five seconds the team had nailed together a body-long splint and had trussed the victim to this frame work in such a way that he could not move. The bandaging held the dislocated spinal column rigid and prevented it from touching anything.

First Aid Team Organized in Murphysboro Chief Herring is seated at the right, front row. In the center is a man trussed up on body-length splints for a supposedly dislocated spinal column. The men are not members of the fire departmnt.

The demonstrations were conducted in the high school auditorium, and so great was local interest in the newly formed group, that the place was crowded.

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