Chief James 50 Years in Department

Chief James 50 Years in Department

Chief Wallace T. James on January 18 completed fifty years service in the Fire Department of Hamilton, Ont., Canada.

He joined the department in 1882 and in four years was promoted to Captain. In 1897 he was advanced to Second Assistant Chief, First Assistant Chief in 1905 and Chief in 1923.

Fire Prevention has always been his hobby, and last year he succeeded in winning first place in a fire prevention contest conducted by the Dominion Chambers of Commerce for cities of over 100,000 population. The prize was a silver cup.

At present ne is working on a decentralization plan for the Fire Department. When one more small station will be erected, the plan will be completed and the large central station will be replaced by the scattered small stations in various points of the city.

The department consists of 204 men, twenty-pieces of motor equipment and fourteen fire stations.

Chief Wallace T. James

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