Chief John Hand Dies

Chief John Hand Dies

John Hand, who retired in May, 1947, after having served fifty-five years as a member of the Kansas City, Mo., Fire Department, died on August 26. He was 76 years old.

He became an assistant fire chief in 1940. Five years later he took a voluntary reduction in rank to a captaincy and went to the fire station at the Municipal Air Terminal.

In December, 1946, he suffered a hip injury which caused him to be placed on the “injured in the line of duty” roll. He remained on that status a year after he retired from active duty. A few days before he died, Chief Hand fell down a flight of stairs at his home and shattered completely his fractured hip. He died as a result of shock and his age.

Chief Hand exhibited in this and other countries the famous Kansas City Fire Department team of Dan and Joe. The two horses were specially trained and frequently under Chief Hand’s guidance, amazed crowds with their performances.

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