Chief Judson Honored by Friends

Chief Judson Honored by Friends

Town officials and Fire Department heads from all parts of Connecticut attended a testimonial dinner tendered to Chief Allen D. Judson, of the Stratford, Conn., Fire Department on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his appointment as head of the fire-fighting forces. Chief Judson was appointed to the department in 1894 and on March 12, 1909, was made permanent Chief.

More than 200 of Chief Judson’s friends were present at the dinner held in the spacious Housatonic Lodge on the outskirts of Stratford. They presented him with $50 in silver.

Vernon S. Morehouse, Chairman of the Stratford Town Council, recalled the night when Chief Judson was appointed to his present position, and said:

“Any man who can serve the town of Stratford and remain in service for twenty-five years deserves all the praise that could be heaped upon him.”

Town Manager Donald S. Sammis praised the efficiency of the department under Chief Judson and of the work for fire prevention being carried on under Judson’s supervision.

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