Chief Kailor Not With League

Chief Kailor Not With League

Chief Janies D. Kailor of Columbus, Ind., has written that several months ago the Indiana Police and Firemen’s Civil Service League was formed in Indiana. He desires to inform his friends that he has requested the league to discontinue using his name as being associated with it,

Hartsville, S. C., has purchased a 1,000-gallon pumper. H. Leland Law is Chief of the Department.

J. W. Strohm, Fire Marshal of Iowa, listed chimney fires as the most common cause of fires in the state. During the six months which ended July 1, sparks from chimneys caused $358,600 fire damage. Next to chimney sparks, defective flues caused the most damage with defective wiring as the third chief cause. Defective flues caused damages totaling $328,749.

Chiefs Who Attended the Annual Convention of the New England Fire Chiefs’ Association

Allen, Selden R., Brookline, Mass.

Ayer, H. D., Fairfield, Me.

Bacon, J. Ralph, Weymouth, Mass.

Bancroft, George C., Auburn, Me.

Bartlett, Ernest N., Billerica, Mass.

Batchelder, Earl H., Centerdale, R. I.

Berry, W. A., ex-Chief, Danvers. Mass.

Berry, W. W., ex-Chief, Waterville, Me.

Bills, Louis W., Supt. Fire Alarm, Lexington, Mass.

Bonner, Robert J., Westerly, R. I.

Brown, Frederick A., Apponaug, R. I.

Brown, George W., South Berwick, Me.

Brown, Walter H., Bridgton, Me.

Burns, Thomas F., Bridgeport, Conn.

Butler, James H., Berwick, Me.

Casey, James M., Cambridge, Mass.

Charlesworth, Frank, Providence, R. I.

Chase, Raymond C., Rollinsford, N. H.

Connell, Harry J., Hudson, N. H.

Cote, A. J., Woonsocket, R. I.

Cressy, John, Beverly, Mass.

Crowe, John P., ex-Chief, Westboro, Mass.

Crowley, Roger, Manchester, N. H.

Cushing, Raymond F., Bucksport, Me.

DeCourcey, David H., Winchester, Mass.

Deslaurfers, Theodore, Ware, Mass.

Dickinson, Frank F., Brockton, Mass.

Donneliy, T. H., West Hartford, Conn.

Doyle, Irvin T., Brewer, Me.

Earley, Charles D., Turners Falls. Mass.

Eldridge, John F., Kennebunkport, Me.

Estes, Reuben E., Lewiston, Me.

Fahey, Joseph J., Milford, Mass.

Ferris. Herbert, Greenfield, Mass.

Fortier, Henry E., Manville, R. I.

Fortin, Charles E., ex-Chief, Lewiston, Me.

Foy, Albert B., South Manchester, Conn.

French. Charles H., Manchester, N. H.

Galvin. Thomas F., Com’r Public Safety, Lawrence, Mass.

Gisborne, F. R., Sound Beach, Conn.

Gray, Joseph D., Bridgeport, Conn.

Hammond, Irving C., Westport, Mass.

Hanmer, Henry F., Wethersfield, Conn.

Happny, William T., Concord, N.H.

Hill, Charles E., Cape Elizabeth, Me.

Hogan, Walter E., Orono, Me.

Holmes, J. Harry, Milton, Mass.

Huart, V. C., Farmington, Me.

Hurd, G. Walter, Oldtown, Me.

Hurley, James M., State Fire Marshal, Boston, Mass.

Hurley, Patrick J., Holyoke, Mass.

Hutchinson, Edward J., Boothbay Harbor, Me.

Inkley, Clyson P., Rockland, Mass.

Johnson, Robert H., ex-Chief, Holden, Mass.

Jones. Weston B., Sabattus, Me.

Joy, Mellen R., Saugus, Mass.

Kelley, Joseph E., Danvers, Mass.

Keenan, Leo V., Mars Hill, Me.

Kerrigan, T. Martin, ex-Fire Com’r, Lewiston, Me.

Kitchen, Louis E., Rutland Heights, Mass.

Koltonski, Alfred H., Rutland, Vt.

Lane, Charles E., Orange, Mass.

Lawton, M. W., Middletown, Conn.

Lewis, Percy R., Ashland, N. H.

Lovejoy, Grover D., Waterville, Me.

Mahoney, W. C., Peabody, Mass.

Mansfield, George O., Chief Fire Inspector, Boston, Mass.

Mason, W. S., Bangor, Me.

McGlauflin, Floyd E., Presque Isle, Me.

Melendy, Albert C., Nashua, N. H.

Mercier, Solomon A., Rumford, Me.

Miguel, Manuel S., Manchester, Mass.

Miller, Dean H., Ashland, Mass.

Milne, George B., Rockville, Conn.

Mitchell, Melvin P., Hudson, Mass.

Moran, John C., Hartford, Conn.

Moroney, John F., Meriden, Conn.

Monahan, H. J., Berlin, N. H.

Neary, John H., Natick, Mass.

Newman, Frank C., Melrose, Mass.

O’Connor, James F., ex-Fire Comr., Everett, Mass.

O’Hearn, John W., Watertown, Mass.

Oliver. John T., Marblehead, Mass.

Ouellette, Joseph H., Saco, Me.

Pachl, John S., New Haven, Conn.

Palmer, John A., Torrington, Conn.

Partenhemer, Phillip, ex-Chief, Greenfield. Mass.

Patt, Irving F., ex-Chief, Central Falls, R. I.

Payson, Allen F., Camden, Me. Persons, Varney P., Montpelier, Vt.

Pierce, Walter, ex-Chief, Arlington, Mass.

Qualey, Thomas, Medford, Mass.

Ramllette, J. W., Richmond, Me.

Reynolds, Chas. A., Willimantic, Conn.

Ricker, Eugene T., Biddeford, Me.

Sanborn, Oliver T., Chief. Portland. Me.

Savage. John A., Valley Falls, R. I.

Scanned, Joseph W., Fire Comr., Lewiston, Me.

Shea, Michael J., Fitchburg, Mass.

Shipman, Thomas H., New London, Conn.

Slaman, T. H., Wellesley, Mass.

Smith. Geo. W., ex-Chief, Wakefield, R. I.

Spear, Chas. O., Jr., So. Portland. Me.

Steinkellner, Peter, Milwaukee, Wis.

Stock well, Carl, Burlington, Vt.

Stowe, Louis F., Milford, Conn.

Sullivan, Francis A., Lawrence. Mass.

Taft, Henry R., Norwich, Conn.

Tappen, Robert M., Gardner, Mass.

Thorne, Clark C., Millis, Mass.

Tierney, Daniel B., Arlington, Mass.

Titus, William E., ex-Chief, Pawtucket, R. I.

Tracey, Frank E., Woburn, Mass.

Walsh, Peter E., ex-Chief, Boston. Mass.

Welch, William F., Lynn, Mass.

Whiting Homer B., Hampton Beach, N. H.

Woodward, A. P., Danielson. Conn.

Young, Charles F., N. H. Forestry Dept., Nashua, N. H.

Young, Daniel F., Cranston, R. I.

Associate Members at the Annual Convention of the New England Fire Chiefs’ Association

Abbott, William F., Boston, Mass.

Alger, Fred B., Middleboro, Mass.

Allen, E. W., Medfield, Mass.

Austin, George W., Boston, Mass.

Barnes, George L., Auburn, Me.

Barter, Miles F., Boothbay Harbor, Me.

Belknap, Harry, Boston, Mass.

Breslin, Charles J., Watertown, Mass.

Brooks, E. W., Boston, Mass.

Burt, Geo. C., Burlington, Vt.

Burton, Thos. M., Utica, N. Y.

Carolan, Lawrence, Jr., Chelsea, Mass.

Carroll, William J., Worcester, Mass.

Chapman, Charles “Sandy”, Revere. Mass.

Charnock, P. C., Boston. Mass.

Clark, L. N., Newton, Mass.

Cowles, A. Lee, Boston, Mass.

Creaser, L. J., Boston, Mass.

Curtaz, Charles J., West Roxbury, Mass.

Day, John H., Lynn, Mass.

deVeer, Harold W., Boston. Mass.

Devine, John R., Worcester, Mass.

Dwyer, John T., New York City.

Fahey, Wm. J., Lewiston, Me.

Fenner, D. C., New York City.

Fogarty, Michael, North Providence. R. I.

Geyer, John. Chelsea. Mass.

Gillis, A. C., Arlington. Mass.

Gorham, Joseph T., Boston, Mass.

Gravelle, Charles L., Woburn, Mass.

Hinkley, J. A., Richmond, Me.

Hodges, Frederick J., Boston, Mass.

Hyland. D., Ware, Mass.

Johnson, Gordon W., Providence. R. I.

Kinsella, Alfred, Belmont. Mass.

Kirk, Kenneth A., Lewiston, Me.

Lawrence, Edward W., Worcester, Mass.

Liscomb. John I., So. Portland, Me.

Lovell, Harry J., Portland. Me.

McAlary, Walter, Wnlterville, Me.

McCarthy. Justin A., Boston, Mass.

McLaughlin, J. A., Boston, Mass.

McLaughlin, Daniel F., Providence, R. I.

McClaskey, Clarence J., Malden, Mass.

McLean, Walter E., Allston, Mass.

McCorkle. W. J., Boston, Mass.

Moloy, James E., Woburn, Mass.

Morley, George E., Newton, Mass.

Moulton, E. G., Worcester, Mass.

Nichols, Leon A., Barrington, R. I.

Patt, Everett I., Central Falls, R.I.

Poster, Stuart M., Sound Beach,

Pratt, Herbert K., Bridgewater, Mass.

Provencher, Arthur D., Lewiston, Me.

Ramsdell, Edgar F., Lewiston, Mr.

Richardson, Irving F., Medford. Mass.

Rustic, J. B., Boston, Mass.

Ryan, James J., Newton. Mass.

Sanger, John J., Sound Beach, Conn.

Scully, John J., Boston, Mass.

Shaw, Daniel T., Portland, Me.

Shaw, M. A., Middleboro, Mass.

Sheehan, Frank, Newton Centre, Mass.

Skelton, Harold N., Lewiston, Me.

Sturges, William, Ridgefield, Conn.

Taylor, George F. C., New York City.

Tedford, Kenneth E., Iacwiston, Me.

Tiffany, F. M., Newton Upper Falls, Mass.

Veit, J. O., New York City.

Wallace, Wm. W., Portland, Me.

Warren, Ira A., Danielson, Conn.

Webber, Joseph A., Boston, Mass.

White, Charles A., Augusta, Me.

Williamson, Edward E., Boston, Mass.

Wood, Phillip A., Boston, Mass.

Wood, Robert M., Boston, Mass.

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