Chief L. L. Petrey Honored

Chief L. L. Petrey Honored

The members of the Mobile, Ala., Fire Department gave a testimonial party for Fire Chief Lanford L. Petrey on March 7. The occasion was the celebration and official congratulation of Chief Petrey’s twenty-fifth anniversary in the service. He joined up when quite a young man as a private and is now Fire Chief of Mobile. He has passed through all the various stages of promotion in his career and won the distinction of being promoted to Chief in 1941 at the age of forty-one years of age.

Chief L. L. Petrey

A handsome leather suitcase was presented him by Captain C. J. Hughes from members of the department.

The principal speakers of the evening were Fire Commissioner Charles A. Baumhauer and Commissioner Ernest M. Megginson. Short talks, forms of expressions of esteem, commendation and the like were given by First Assistant Chief G. D. Bolling, Second Assistant Chief C. D. Sirmon, Third Assistant Chief J. T. Kraver and Fourth Assistant Chief A. J. Olsen.

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