Chief Loomis of Hartford Retired

Chief Loomis of Hartford Retired

Chief Augustus Loomis, of Hartford, Conn., was retired on a pension November 1 at his own request. Deputy Chief John C. Moran succeeded Loomis as chief of department and Second Deputy Chief Daniel Dahill was promoted to first deputy. Chief Loomis presents the following reasons for his resignation:

“I have used up all my power and vigor in the service; when a man has reached his alloted three score years and ten, and I shall be 68 years of age December 24, I believe he should begin to prepare himself for what is to come. I do not feel that I am breaking down, but at best I know there are not many years of life ahead of me; those that are left I want to spend in putting my house in order.”

Chief Loomis entered the department in 1866, as a member of Hook and Ladder Company No. 1. In 1867 he was transferred to Alert Hose Company, in 1874 to Engine 2, in 1875 to Stilman Hose, and to engineer of Engine 4. He served as engineer of several engines until made a deputy chief in April, 1904, and on March 19, 1912 he succeeded Louis Krug as chief of department. Loomis established the department repair shop when an engineer and made it successful.

Chief John C Moran entered the department as stoker of Engine 6 in January, 1887; became engineer of Engine 4 in June, 1899; second deputy chtef in October, 1908, and first deputy March 12, 1912. He is a graduate of the New York Fire Department drill school. Deputy Chief Dahill became a call member of Engine 4 April 5, 1892. His father was for many years a call member of Engine 3. As Chief Loomis’ salary was $2,500 his pension for life is $1,250 per year. Mayor Purcell announces that all water rates in Helena, Mont., will be materially lowered on January 1, 1914, and that in the meantime the committee on water and the members of the city council and the officers connected with the water company, will go over the present schedule and revise it so as to bring about the reduction.

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