Chief McAuliffe Weds Secretary

Chief McAuliffe Weds Secretary

Frank C. McAuliffe, head of the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol, and Miss Helen Trautman, his secretary, were married in the Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago.

Chief McAuliffe is forty-one years old, and he has been a widower for two years. After the wedding ceremony, the couple left for Winnipeg, Canada, to attend the I. A. F. C. convention.

Tahlequah Purchases Fire Truck—The city council of Tahlequah, Okla., has purchased a new $3,000 fire truck to replace the old one which has been in use for many years.

Ridgewood Fire Department Chief Dies—John Carlock, acting chief of the Ridgewood Fire Department, died at his home in Ridgewood, N. J., recently. Chief Carlock was known both in the New Jersey and New York fire field.

New Equipment Inspected at Ventura—An inspection was made recently by Acting Fire Chief M. L. Ley and Walter Clayberg, deputy county fire warden, at Los Angeles, of the new fire department equipment at Ventura, Calif. The equipment includes new apparatus, hose, shovels for brush fires, and other apparatus.

A Few More Groups Taken at the Convention Chief and Mrs. C. M. Johnston of Knoxville, Tenn.(Thief Derra Turns Bobby.” Where he got the uniform no one knows, for a check-up of the Winnipeg Police Force showed that they were all wearing their own. At any rate his sudden appearance frequently gave convention visitors a sta-rt. You see him here in company with two of the Panama guests.There a reason for the smile—Ra’ph J. Scott (extreme left) is the retiring president, as the smile would indicate. The other serious visaged gentlemen are (left to right): D. W. Brosnan, 1st Vice President; Joe Sullivan, President J. J. Mulcahey, Recording Secretary; Peter Steirkellner. President Great Lakes Division; J. W. Stevens, Executive Secretary.

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