Chief McCarthy, Worcester, Retires

Chief McCarthy, Worcester, Retires

Chief Charles L. McCarthy, Worcester, Mass., Fire Department, retired on pension on February 8 after 42 years of service in the department. He is 70 years of age and a former President of the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts.

In retiring Chief McCarthy, the Worcester Board of Aldermen issued a statement saving that they “pensioned him reluctantly, because of his long and faithful service.”

The Chief came up through the ranks to head the department and was a Deputy Chief at the time the Knowles Building burned in bitter winter weather some years ago. During this tire a second large blaze broke out in the downtown section of the city and aid was called from Boston.

Chief McCarthy is a member of the New England and International Associations of Fire Chiefs.

When asked by a Worcester newspaper man what his plans were for the future Chief McCarthy replied:

“I have nothing definite in mind. But there is one thing I know I am going to do. and that is to take out the alarm system In my home and get a good night’s sleep without any clanging Interruptions.”

Ex-Chief C. L. McCarthy

Pending the holding of a civil service examination, Deputy Chief Carl J. Kiessling has been appointed Acting Chief. lie joined the Worcester FireDepartment in 1912, and became a Deputy Chief in 1937.

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