Chief Michael Lawton Retires

Chief Michael Lawton Retires

Michael W. Lawton, Chief of the Middletown, Conn., Fire Department for the past 13 years, retired on July 17 and two days later accepted the appointment as Fire Co-ordinator for the State of Connecticut under the State War Council. Ex-Chief Lawton, one of the best known fire officials in Connecticut, succeeds the late Micheal T. Keena of Hartford, who died on May 27, last.

Fire Co-ordinator Lawton’s office will be at Hartford and his work in checking over all OCD equipment will take him to all cities and towns in the state. His duties also are the dispatching of apparatus and personnel in case of fire from any act of war, sabotage or threat of war.

Ex-Chief Lawton served for 39 years in the Middletown Fire Department. In March, 1904, he entered the Department as a volunteer fireman. On October 1, 1907, he was named a paid driver of the horse drawn wagon and driver of the motor apparatus until August, 1928, when he was named to the newly-created post of Deputy Chief.

Following the death of Chief George S. Pitt in 1930, Lawton was promoted to Chief of Department. Many changes in the interests of the Middletown firemen have taken place under Fx-Chief Lawton’s regime.

For several years past, Mr. Lawton has been affiliated with practically all of the firemen’s organizations. He served as President of the Connecticut Fire Chief’s Club, the Executive Committee of the Connecticut State hiremen’s Association, three terms of State

Vice-President of the New England Eire Chiefs’ Association and was elected President of that association at this year’s convention held on June 22, 23 and 24 in Rutland. Vermont.

When the Middlesex County Eire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan was organized. Ex-Chief Lawton was named as its first President. He is also a member of the State Advisory Board appointed early in the war by State Police Commissioner Edward J. Hickey.

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