Chief Pachl Consultant on Firemen Training

Chief Pachl Consultant on Firemen Training

John S. Pachl, for twenty-three years Chief of the Annex Fire Department in New Haven, Conn., has been engaged by the State Department of Education as consultant on firemen training, and will supervise the regular training program conducted by the State Department this year, A. M. McCullough, Departmental Director of Public Service Training, has announced.

Mr. Pachl, on leave of absence from his position in New Haven, is connected with many fire fighters’ organizations and is a past president of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs. In his state work, he will cooperate with local fire department and organization officials in the operation of the statewide training program.

This program is sponsored cooperatively by the State Department of Education, the Connecticut Fire Chiefs’ Club, and the Connecticut Fire Department Drillmasters’ Association.

The courses are given at regional meetings, and are established primarily for the benefit of volunteer fire departments who send representatives to receive this training in all phases of fire fighting which they in turn pass on to other members of their organizations. During the past four or five years. 1500 firemen of the state have received this training.

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