Chief Peter C. Spence Dead

Chief Peter C. Spence Dead

Peter C. Spence, the last civilian Chief in the Bureau of Fire Prevention, New York City, died at his home in his 66th year, following an illness of two months.

The Late Peter C. Spence

Born in Elizabeth, N. J., he received his B.S. and C.E. degrees from New York University.

He started work with the Dock Department 50 years ago, while he was studying engineering. He served several city departments and then engaged in private practice. On April 16, 1014, he was appointed to the State Department of Labor and, in 1922. was appointed by the late Commissioner Thomas J. Drennan to the post of Chief of the Bureau of hire Prevention.

He fought the McCall Bill which transferred to the Department of Buildings. the Bureau of Fire Prevention, in 1932. He worked hard for the Tnsullbuch bill, which was designed to return the bureau to the Fire Department.

Mr. Spence was a bachelor and is survived by a sister.

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