Chief Ringer Leaves Fire Service

Chief Ringer Leaves Fire Service

Charles W. Ringer

Charles W. Ringer, Chief of Fire Department in Minneapolis, Minn., since January 1, 1911, resigned from the department on April 26, to wage a fight as candidate for mayor. The resignation was presented in December after he was victorious in resisting the efforts of the city to discharge him. He is seventytwo years old.

He joined the department April 26,1884, as a pipeman.

Four years later he became a captainin another ten years, a fire marshal, and in 1911, Chief. In 1923 he was President of the I. A. F.C., and in October,1925, he conferred with the late president Coolidge on fire prevention.

Battalion Chief Earl Traeger was appointed Acting Chief. Because of the limited appropriation for the department this year, the new Chief plans a complete reorganization of the service.

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