Chief Roddy of Monroe Injured

Chief Roddy of Monroe Injured

Chief Frank Roddy, of the Monroe, La., Fire Department, was severely injured when the coupe he was driving to a minor fire was struck by another automobile at a street intersection. One person in the private car and two others were injured. Chief Roddy was removed to a local hospital suffering from cerebral concussion, a possible rib fracture and lacerations. Witnesses stated that the siren on the Chief’s car was blowing at the time of the accident.

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Chief Roddy of Monroe Injured


Chief Roddy of Monroe Injured

Chief Frank J. Roddy of Monroe, La., was seriously injured while responding to a blaze that swept five stores in the downtown section of Monroe, Sunday morning, December 28. The fire caused a $50,000 damage.

Aerial Ladder Delivered to Monaca, Pa.—An aerial ladder truck costing $16,000 has been delivered to Monaca, Pa.

New Service Truck in Dover, Del.—A new service truck has been delivered to the Robbins Hose Company of Dover, Del.

San Antonio to Erect New Station—According to Commissioner Phil Wright of San Antonio. Tex., the next fire station will be erected in the Highland Park section.

Fort Worth Buys Fire Alarm Boxes—Fort Worth, Tex., has purchased one hundred new fire alarm boxes making a total of 410. The National Board of Fire Underwriters has recommended five hundred fire alarm boxes.

Work Started on Warren, O., Station—Construction has started on the new fire station for Warren, Ohio. Chief D. K. Moser has been trying to secure a new station in the East Side section for some time.

Two Injured by Skidding Fire Apparatus—Two firemen of Philadelphia, Pa., were injured when apparatus on which they were responding to a fire, skidded and crashed into the curb. The firemen were hurled onto the sidewalk and were rushed to the hospital in a taxicab.

Kenton. O., Inspects Business Places—During the holiday seasons, Chief William Cottrell of Kenton, Ohio, made frequent inspections of the business houses to see if the decorations employed were in accordance with good fire practice. Places of public assembly were also visited.