Chief Rose A Fireman for 54 Years

Chief Rose A Fireman for 54 Years

Chief Charles H. Rose, of New London, Conn., has recently rounded out fifty-four years of service in the fire department. When sixteen years of age, he joined the Relief Engine Company No. 1, which consisted of a double-decker hand pump and a tworeel hose wagon, the latter hand drawn. At that time there were three other companies in New London. The company that Chief Rose joined consisted of forty-five members. When the city obtained a water supply system, the Relief company was changed to the Thomas Hose Company.

Chief Charles H. New London, Conn.

The first office that Chief Rose was elected to was that of first assistant foreman in the Thomas Hose Company. Three years later he was elected foreman and for seven years he was in charge of this company. In 1894 he was made second assistant engineer, of the New London fire department. Upon the promotion of John Stanners to chief in 1901, Rose was made first assistant engineer. In 1923 when Chief Stanners resigned, he was made chief of the department.

Chief Rose is president of the Connecticut State Firemen’s Association and is also a member of the Connecticut Fire Chiefs’ Club and the New England Association of Fire Chiefs. His son, Earl Rose, is also a member of the department at New Uondon and is driver of the new aerial ladder truck recently purchased by the city. Another son, John, is a member of the Konomocs Company.

Chief Rose was born in New York City but came to New London with his family when lie was four years of age. The chief, who resides at No. 11 Rosemary street, possesses a host of friends in New London who have been attracted to him by his jovial and courteous manner. Chief Rose has had a long and faithful record with the department at New London to which he may look with pride and by which New London’s fire fighting force has been benefited.

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