Chief Scott Defends Swan Dive

Chief Scott Defends Swan Dive

Statements have been made by men in the fire service questioning the authenticity of the 85foot swan dive made from the drill tower in the motion picture,”The. Fire Brigade.”

Chief R. J. Scott, who had an active part in the filming of the picture, writes as follows:

“In order to satisfy the inquiries coming front your eastern fire department skeptics regarding the swan dive that is shown in “The Fire Brigade,” was made by Murray Ewing of Engine Company No. 29, a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Neither Mr. Ewing nor the Los Angeles Fire Department claim that the height of the dive was eightv-five feet.

“In order to ascertain the exact height of the dive, we made a definite measurement to eliminate, as far as possible, any chance of injury resulting from the dive. The distance measured exactly seventy-six feet. I hope that this will satisfy those who demand exact figures.

“The Orphanage Building from which the dive was made still stands intact at the Metro-Goldwyn Studio in Culver City— and so does the drill tower. If there are some who are still not convinced, I am sure that Fireman Ewing can be persuaded to repeat the performance.”

Those who have seen the picture will remember the dive as one of the outstanding features of the picture.

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