Chief Slattery Overcome by Smoke

Chief Slattery Overcome by Smoke

An eighty-five year old man was rescued from a smoke-filled historic mansion at Rochester, N. Y., as occupants of its six apartments filed a three-two alarm fire.

Fire Chief John A. Slattery was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment for smoke which he had inhaled while searching for possible trapped persons. His condition was reported as “good.”

Chief Slattery, one of the first on the scene, led several firemen into the building to look for trapped victims. Separated from his party, Slattery was found groping his way on his hands and knees in search of an exit.

Firemen under Commissioner of Public Safety Thomas C. Woods and Deputy Chief William E. J. O’Leary who took charge after Chief Slattery went to the hospital, confined the flames to the attic. They said they believed the flames started in a large pile of books.

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