Chief Soule Retires From Coatesville Department

Chief Soule Retires From Coatesville Department

Chief Frank E. Soule, who has been at the head of the volunteer fire department of Coatesville, Pa., for the past three years, has retired from office, and William H. Moore has been elected to succeed him. Under the incumbency of Chief Soule the Coatesville fire service has attained a remarkable state of efficiency, and has been often referred to as a model volunteer department. The city council adopted the following resolution, on the occasion of its ratification of the election of Chief Moore, extending the thanks of the city to Ex-Chief Soule: “Resolved. Ry the Council of the City of Coatesville that the sincere thanks of the city be extended to Frank E. Soule, retiring chief of the fire department. for the close personal attention given by him to the interests of his department during the three 3-ears last past and for the untiring efforts which he has so successfully made to improve the fire department of this city, whereby that department is now second to none in the State, either in equipment, efficiency or morale. Be it further.

Ex-Chief F. E. Soule, Coatesville, Pa.

“Resolved, That we congratulate him on the magnificent showing made by the Department under his supervision in keeping the fire loss in the city and immediate vicinity at a minimum and in the promptness and cheerfulness shown by the department in the performance of their duties. Be it further

“Resolved, That these resolutions be spread at large on the minutes of Council, published in the Coatesville Record and Coatesville Times, and that a copy thereof be presented to Mr. Soule, signed by the Mayor and bearing the Seal of the City.”

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