Chief Sullivan Resigns

Chief Sullivan Resigns

Joseph N. Sullivan, Fire Chief and Commissioner of Public Safety of Utica, N. Y., resigned as Chief on July 31. He will retain his office as Commissioner of Public Safety until December 31, when he will retire on half-pay pension on the basis of thirty-five years in service.

Chief J. N. Sullivan

Following in the footsteps of his father, who served twenty years as fire chief in Utica, Chief Sullivan became a fireman in 1907. He was promoted to lieutenant on December 15, 1913; to captain on December 8, 1917; to deputy chief on March 3, 1922, and to chief on March 13, 1925.

He was given the post of public safety commissioner on January 1, 1938. He has filled that position eleven and a half months a year on leave from the Fire Bureau. He has been returning to the Fire Bureau the last two weeks of each year to retain his rights as fire chief. Under his regime the Police Bureau was reorganized and the police pension fund put into the state retirement system.

Chief Sullivan has accepted a job as foreman of Platoon 1 of the Rhoads General Hospital Fire Department in Utica.

Leo B. Barry will serve as Chief of the Utica Fire Department until a civil service examination is held.

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