Chief Swanson Retires

Chief Swanson Retires

Chief Charles E. Swanson, Everett, Wash., Fire Department, retired after thirty-five years of service, on July 1. C. A. Blunt has now assumed the duties of Chief of the department.

Chief Swanson’s rise in the department was rapid. In 1907 he was named Lieutenant, in 1908 Captain, and on January, 1910, Assistant Chief. He became Chief after the death of Chief Taro in 1923.

Chief Charles Blunt, who has just been made Chief, joined the department in 1916, but obtained a leave of absence to serve in the war. In 1919, he returned to the department following his discharge from the army, and just six months later he was named Lieutenant.

Chief C. A. Blunt, Present Chief of the Everett Fire Department, Is Congratulating Ex-Chief Swanson J. D. Williams, Commissioner of Safety of Everett, Wash., is in the middle. The car that was presented Chief Swanson is at the left.The Eighteen-foot Boat Presented to Chief Swanson on His Retirement by the Members of the Fire Department, and the Outboard Motor Presented Him by the Chiefs of Washington

About 300 friends, residents of the city, department leaders and men from the entire Northwest, and others closely associated with Chief Swanson, gathered at an appreciation banquet to pay tribute to him. Besides the tribute that was paid him verbally, he was presented with a big sedan, a purse of silver, a boat, an outboard motor to propel the boat, and a framed scroll signed by the members of the Fire Department.

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