Chief Templeton, Muskogee, Dead

Chief Templeton, Muskogee, Dead

John L. Templeton, 80-year old exChief of Muskogee, Okla., died of pneumonia following a ten-day illness. He had collapsed in his room and was removed to the hospital where pneumonia set in. Had he lived, he would have been eighty-one on April 11.

He came to Muskogee in 1906, when a political change caused his removal as head of the Fire Department at Council Bluffs, la. He was retired on a pension nine years later.

Chief Templeton was a great lover of children. He was active in local Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups. He became active in the Boy Scout movement during the World War.

A son, a member of the U. S. Navy, died four years ago. He is survived by his widow.

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