Chief Towey, Newark, Retires

Chief Towey, Newark, Retires

Chief John J. Towey, Newark, N. J., Fire Department, retired as its head on March 27, after a service of 40 years, 22 of which he has been Chief. He joined the Fire Department on March 15, 1897. On December 16, 1901, he was promoted to be lieutenant; became a captain in January, 1905; was made a Battalion Chief on August 1, 1906, Deputy Chief, October 1, 1912, and Chief on June 19, 1925.

On leaving the department Chief Towey issued a statement to officers and members expressing regret because of his retirement, and thanking those who had cooperated with him over a lifetime of service.

The Chief said :

“I contemplate with genuine regret the severance of the pleasant ties that have united us in a common cause—the sincere desire to serve the people of Newark to the best of our ability and a concerted effort to the end that our department shall be second to none in efficiency. Believe me when I say that I am most grateful for the unselfish co-operation that has been given me during my tenure as Chief Hnglneer of the department.” A parade of the Newark Fire Department in honor of Ex-Chief Towey was held on April 8, in which a number of visiting Chiefs took part.

Chief Weeks Observes an Anniversary Chief W. P. Weeks, Battle Creek, Mich., marked his fifty seventh year as a fire-fighter. He joined as a volunteer. While Assistant Chief, a full time department was established with five men. He was one of the group.Ex-Chief John J. Towey

Ex-Chief Towey served as President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs in 1934-35 and has taken a prominent part in the affairs of the association for a number of years.

Deputy Chiefs Lynch, Duffy and McConnell will alternate in charge of the department until Chief Towey’s successor is appointed.

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