Chief Wallace Injured Fighting Fire

Chief Wallace Injured Fighting Fire

Chief George Wallace, eighty-year old head of Cleveland, Ohio, fire department, strained some abdominal muscles while tugging at a hose in fighting the Postal Building fire.

Safety Director Barry suggested the chief take a vacation and go south for a while to recover from the injuries. The director said:

“You’re a great chief and a commanding figure but you are too zealous. You’re good for many a day yet and we want you to be careful. You’ve got a lot of subordinates who can use their strength. It is your knowledge we want at fires, not your brawn.”

Chief George Wallace Directing a Fire

Chief Wallace has been head of the department since 1901. During his fifty-nine years of service, he has never been injured. He has been offered a full pension if he wishes to retire but he has refused.

While the chief admitted he has been talking with some doctors, he has not stated when he would go to a hospital for treatment.

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