Chief Wardleigh Revamping Department

Chief Wardleigh Revamping Department

Chief Harold H. Wardleigh

Chief Harold H. Wardleigh, head of the fire department in Ogden, Utah, and who succeeded George A. Graves, is working out a plan that will revamp the entire organization.

Mr. Wardleigh is fifty-five years of age, is married and has three children.

He was appointed to the fire department on January 22, 1902 and he has served successfully under Ex-Chiefs Graves. Payne and Canfield.

He was made chief in July, of this year. His plan to adopt a new plan of organiza tiott for the fire department has met with the approval of the city officials, and some connected with the city have shid that there has not been a change suggested for the the city that has met with such unanimous approval.

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