Chief Wells Heads Southeastern Section

Chief Wells Heads Southeastern Section

Education of firemen was stressed by Chief D. W. Brosnan of Albany, Ga., President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, in opening the fifth annual convention of the Southeastern Section which was held in New Brunswick, Ga., June 9-10.

The educational policies of Chief Brosnan were endorsed by Thomas Haney, former Chief of Jacksonville, Fla., and by Sherwood Brockwell, Fire Marshal, Raleigh, N. C.

Chief J. H. Monroe, Savannah, President of the section, spoke on “Modern Fire Fighting.” Chief T. L. Newborn, College Park, Ga., gave a talk on “Volunteer Fire Fighting,” and said that the subject was larger in scope than the general public realized.

A. S. Kloss, Manager of the Hercules Powder Company, told the chiefs of the use of dynamite in fighting fires and explained how much dynamite to use in certain types of fires.

During the convention, music was furnished by the Savannah Fire Department Band.

Chief Henry Wells of Newberry, S. C., was elected President, Other officers are Chief H. R. McMillan, Jacksonville, Fla., First Vice-President; Chief J. Foster. Newport News, Ya., Second Vice-President; Chief J. L. Miller, Concord, N. C., re-elected Secretary.

Both Winter Garden, Fla., and Savannah, Ga., put in bids for the 1933 convention but Savannah was selected as it was more centrally located.

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