Chief Ziegler, of Hackensack, Dismissed

Chief Ziegler, of Hackensack, Dismissed

Chief William Ziegler, for nineteen years head of the Hackensack, N. J., Fire Department, has been ousted from his post by an ordinance which merged the Police and Fire Departments under the leadership of the Chief of Police as Director of Public Safety. The Police Chief, serving as the new officer, receives a yearly increase in pay of $810, while the office of Fire Chief has been abolished. A new Fire Department has been organized along lines of the Police Department.

Counsel retained by the firemen intends to take the matter before the Supreme Court. The attorney pointed out that the act affects the tenure of office rights of every man in both departments, and that an unusual condition exists, for while the act abolished old department organization, it stipulated no new one.

This is not the first time that the city sought to take issue with Chief Ziegler. In March. 1932, he was suspended because a police captain complained that Chief Ziegler had permitted fresh water streams to be played on a pole carrying high tension lines. The complaint stated that the orders of the police captain to discontinue the lines were disobeyed, and a number of “sidewalk chiefs,” who had their own ideas of how the fire should have been fought supported the charges. At later hearings, Chief Ziegler was exonerated and reinstated.

The new Director of Public Safetv occupies the office formerly tenanted by Chief William Ziegler.

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