Chiefs’ Club Discusses Gas Masks

Chiefs’ Club Discusses Gas Masks

Gas Masks were discussed at the meeting of the Fire Chiefs Club of Massachusetts on April 17 with luncheon in the Parker House in Boston. The principal speakers were Colonel Walter C. Baker, Chemical Warfare Officer of the First Corps Area, U. S. Army, and Captain Edward B. Blanchard, Procurement Officer of the First Corps Area. The former described the different kinds of masks and the history of their development for military use. He told of the different kinds of cannisters used for various gasses and pointed out the dangers from using masks of the wrong type. Captain Blanchard demonstrated the use of the army masks. Honorary life membership was conferred upon Ex-Chief Fred A. Leonard, of Taunton.

Chief William C. Mahoney, of Peabody, reported on legislative matters and Deputy Chief Arthur E. Miller, of Malden, described the purposes of the Massachusetts Fire Prevention Association of which he is the President.

Chief Alfred C. Melendy, of Nashua, N. H., extended the invitation of the New Hampshire Fire Chiefs’ Club for the Massachusetts Chiefs to come to Nashua on June 12 to inspect the new water reservoirs and to enjoy a field day and shore dinner at the Benson Animal Farm. The club voted to accept the invitation.

The question of re-shingling roofs without first removing old wooden shingles was presented by Chief Frank Tracy, Woburn. It was the opinion of the Chiefs that this practice should be forbidden. Among those who took part in discussion were Chief Charles L. McCarthy, Worcester; Chief William J. Sands, Quincy, and Chief Warren H. Belcher, Quincy.

The May meeting of the club will be held in Worcester.

Waterbury, Conn., will use central station current for its fire alarm system instead of replacing its present set of batteries.

Washington, D. C., will purchase three fire apparatus units. Bids submitted by the McCann Corporation, Portland. Me., were accepted for two combination hose wagons and a 750-gallon pumper.

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