Chiefs’ Convention to be Held Oct. 17-20

Chiefs’ Convention to be Held Oct. 17-20

Directors International Association of Fire Chiefs Set Date for Philadelphia (gathering—Topics Selected—Business Transacted at Executive Meeting

SETTING October 17-20, inclusive, as the date of the next convention, the officers and directors of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, in executive session February 28-29 at Philadelphia, the convention city, made plans for what promises to be one of the best attended annual gatherings the association has had in many years. The convention, practically speaking, will occupy the whole week of October 15th with the Eastern Association of Fire Chiefs, organized as the Eastern Division of the International, holding its meeting on the 15th and 16th immediately preceding the official opening of the International on the 17th.

The BelleVueSt rat ford Hotel, where the meeting was held, was selected as convention headquarters, and the Second Regiment Armory, with 33.000 feet of floor space and located about a mile and a half from the hotel, was picked as the best place available for the exhibits.

Chief Ross B. Davis of Philadelphia, President I. A. F. C.

An unusual feature of the convention this year, in addition to a good business program, will be a football game between members of the New York and Los Angeles Fire Departments, probably the first match ever arranged between two strictly firemanic teams. Tickets will be sold to the public, and a large share of the proceeds donated to the Association as a step toward building up a permanent fund for the widening of its activities.

Convention Topics Selected

Of the several suggestions received from the membership for topics to be discussed at the convention, the following list was decided upon:

STANDPIPE EQUIPMENT FOR LARGE BUILDINGS, assigned to Chief John Kenlon, of New York.

EDUCATING YOUTH IN FIRE PREVENTION, by Jay W. Stevens, State Fire Marshal of Cal., San Francisco.


FIRE EXTINGUISHERS AND THEIR PROPER USES, by Chief Frank Charlesworth, Providence, R. I.

SALVAGE WORK BY FIRE DEPARTMENTS, by Chief D. W. Brosnan, Albany, Ga.

HAZARDS OF PRINTING AND DRY-CLEANING ESTABLISHMENTS, by Frank C. McAuliffe, Chief of Fire Patrols, Chicago.

PHYSICAL QUALIFICATIONS FOR MEN ENTERING FIRE DEPARTMENTS, to be assigned to a member of the Fire and Police Surgeons Association.

A round table discussion of current fire problems will also be given an important place on the program as in previous years.

Other Important Matters Taken Up

Chief John Kenlon of New York, who plans to spend the month of September abroad, was designated to officially represent the Association at the Congress of European Fire Chiefs to be held at Turinio. Italy, in September. Chief Kenlon, a director of the International. will return in time to attend the Philadelphia convention.

Upon presentation of bill for $60 from the National Fire Protection Association, covering dues for the current year, it was decided to withdraw from membership in that organization inasmuch as no benefit was seemingly being derived to warrant this fee.

A committee consisting of Jay W. Stevens. Executive Secretary of the International. George W. Booth, of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, and Fred Shepperd and I. H. Case of FIRE ENGINEERING, was appointed to arrange for the award of the three silver cups donated by Louis B. Mayer. These cups will be given to the cities making the best fire prevention record in accordance with the contest rules adopted at the last convention. Suitable entry blanks will shortly he made available to fire chiefs desiring to take part in this contest.

Representatives of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Company were on hand at the meeting to explain why the motion picture, “The Fire Brigade,” from which the association was to receive 25% of the net profits, turned out to be a “flop” financially in spite of all the cooperation the fire departments of the country gave in helping to put it over. While the picture was admittedly a production that should have taken with the public, it was felt that the title, and even the fire department publicity help were the two factors mainly responsible for its failure in that people got the impression that the film was fire prevention propaganda. It was reported that the picture is meeting with good success in foreign countries where it is now being shown and this phase of it may yet help bring a profit on the whole thing. Even though the association had nothing due under the terms of the contract, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer advanced $17,000 for the fire prevention posters that were put up last year. Chief Kenlon expressed regret that the association did not enter into the contract on the basis of gross profit percentage rather than the net arrangement. At Chief Kenlon’s suggestion, Metro-GoldwynMayer have offered to turn the film over to the association, which offer is to be accepted. The picture, on this basis, is to be made available for private showings, with the association receiving all the rental proceeds less distributing cost. It was voted that an audit be made of the “Fire Brigade” figures as they appear on the Metro books.

In view of numerous requests for fire prevention seals received from fire chiefs, the secretary was instructed to have samples and prices submitted at the convention. It was also decided to get out immediately a small sticker promoting the Philadelphia convention.

Those in Attendance

All the officers were in attendance, as follows: President, Ross B. Davis, Philadelphia; First Vice-President, John M. Evans, New Orleans; Second Vice-President. Ralph Scott. Los Angeles; Secretary, J. J. Mulcahey, Yonkers, N. Y.; Executive Secretary, J. W. Stevens, San Francisco; Treasurer, Peter B. Carter. Camden, N. J. Directors, John Kenlon, New York, D. W. Brosnan, Albany, Ga., and Frank Charlesworth. Providence, R. I.; Chairman of Exhibits, August Gerstung, Elizabeth, N. J.

Others present included T. W. Haney of Jacksonville, Fla., former president; William Cody and P. O. Hebert of Atlanta: Chief J. T. McNulty of St. Petersburg, Fla., Pres. Southeastern Assn, of Fire Chiefs; Chief Win. Ziegler, Hackensack, N. J.; Fire Commissioner John J. Dorman, New York; J. H. Green and Fred Bensen, Eureka Fire Hose Co., New York; C. T. Rose, A. W. Sullivan and Robt. Hazzard, American-LaFrance and Foamite Corp., New York; George Morley, Morley Fire Alarm Co., Detroit; M. I. Crane, Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Co., Philadelphia; I. H. Case, FIRE ENGINEERING, New York.

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