Chiefs Have Outstanding Conference

Chiefs Have Outstanding Conference

A Success From All Angles—Exhibits Set a New PostDepression Record—Next Year’s Meeting in San Francisco

ALTHOUGH the total registration at the 66th Annual Conference of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, held at New Orleans, La., September 27-30, was a little below that of last year’s meeting, the convention was a success from every angle. Last year at Oklahoma City, 815 were registered, while at New Orleans the registration was 767, or a drop of 48.

Exhibits, however, were well ahead of the last meeting, the increase being 38 per cent.

An unusually fine technical program was provided, and entertainment, though confined to evenings, was excellent.

New Orleans, gay with bunting and huge electric signs bearing the words “Welcome, Fire Chiefs,” extended a cordial greeting and real old fashioned Southern hospitality to the group of nearly 800 who attended the 66th annual conference.

The conference was featured by the variety and excellence of the exhibits, power operated aerial trucks with metal ladders of the latest type being shown alongside modern enclosed sedan and cab type of pumping engines. The business program contained topics of vital and practical interest and many important resolutions were passed.

Chief Roy E. Mottesheard Newly Elected President

High spots of the conference were the Gamewell Rendezvous, beano, dance, and buffet supper and the banquet given in the grand ballroom of the Hotel Roosevelt by the city of New Orleans.

Chief John Evans once again proved the ideal host, who spared no effort to please and in this he was ably seconded by all the officers and privates of the New Orleans Fire Department, who volunttered their services and the use of their private cars to take the Chiefs back and forth between the headquarters hotel and the Municipal Auditorium, where the meetings were held and also to drive the Chiefs and their guests to various points of interest in the historic old city.

Total registration at the New Orleans Convention was 767—48 less than last year.

Active members present totalled approximately the same as last year.

Exhibits were 38 per cent ahead of 1937.

The 1939 Convention will be in San Francisco.

Officers elected for the ensuing year are:

Chief Roy E. Mottesheard, Dearborn, Mich., President.

Chief Ray Tiller, Waterloo, Ia., First Vice-President.

Chief W. H. Palmer, Charlotte, N. C., Second Vice-President.

Ex-Chief J. J. Mulcahey, Yonkers, N. Y., Secretary-Treasurer.

Jay W. Stevens, San Francisco, Cal., Executive Secretary.

Officers Elected

At the final session Chief Roy E. Mottesheard, of Dearborn, Mich., was elected President for the ensuing year. Chief Ray Tiller, of Waterloo, Iowa, was advanced to First Vice-President: and Chief W. H. Palmer, of Charlotte, N. C., was elected Second Vice-President. Chief Andrew Callahan, of Harrison. N. J., was also nominated for this office, but withdrew in favor of Chief Palmer, whose election was then declared unanimous. James J. Mulcahey, ex-Chief of Yonkers. N. Y., was re-elected Secretary and Treasurer; and Jay W. Stevens, of San Francisco, Cal., was re-appointed as Executive Secretary.

San Francisco Wins 1939 Convention

A three cornered fight developed for next year’s convention between San Francisco, New York, and Kansas City. The vote, which was taken by roll call, showed San Francisco to be the winner in a close race as the place for holding the 1939 convention.

Resolution Condemns Federal Tax Proposals

The association passed a resolution condemning the proposal of the federal government to tax the salaries of state and municipal employees, including police and firemen, and to tax state and municipal bonds and securities. The resolution was adopted, following an address by Judge James O’Connor, First Assistant Attorney-General of Louisiana, and a motion by Chief Samuel J. Pope, of Boston, Mass., and read as follows: “WHEREAS, The Federal Department of Justice and the Treasury Department have contended that the principles of immunity protected the Federal Government against taxation by the states, but did not necessarily shield the states against the exercise of the delegated and supreme taxing power of the central government; and

“WHEREAS, As a result, firemen employed by the states, counties and municipalities are threatened with an immediate retroactive liability for Federal income tax on their salaries earned for every year back to 1926; and

Chief Daniel B. Tierney Retiring President

“WHERAS, As a further result there is drawn into question the immunity from Federal corporate income tax of the revenues derived by the states, their subdivisions and agencies, taxation of which would derogate state sovereignty and add a crushing burden to the already heavy cost of state and municipal government; and

“WHEREAS, The Federal taxing officials have also asserted a constitutional right to add to the cost of state and municipal government by taxing state and municipal bonds while denying to states and their agencies a constitutional guarantee of their right to reduce that added cost by reciprocal taxation of Federal securities; now, therefore, be it

“RESOLVED, By the International Association of Fire Chiefs in convention assembled this 29th day of September, 1938:

“’First: That the Association urge all members of and candidates for both Houses of Congress to support the following bill in Congress at the 1939 Session:

“’A BILL, To prevent the retroactive application of any Federal tax upon the employees of the States and their instrumentalities.

“‘Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.

“‘That any taxes imposed by the Revenue Act of 1936 or prior Revenue Acts upon any individual in respect of amounts received by hint as compensation for personal services as an officer or employee of any State or States or of any political subdivision, or any municipal or public corporate instrumentality or agency thereof (except to the extent that such compensation is paid out of funds of the United States of America), together with any interest or penalties in connection therewith, shall be cancelled, abated, credited or refunded.

“‘Second: That the Association opposes any attempt to add to the cost of State and Municipal Government by Federal taxation without first securing the consent of the states through a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the reciprocal right to tax future issues of Federal Securities in the state and prohibiting any Federal taxation of the revenues and already issued securities of the states, their sub-divisions and agencies.

“‘Third: That the Association cooperate with the Conference on State Defense in furthering the above program, and that the Executive Committee is hereby given full power and authority to take all steps necessary in connection therewith, and

“‘Fourth: That the Secretary send a copy of this resolution to every affiliated sectional organization, together with the Association’s recommendations that a similar resolution be adopted by each, that each section resolution adopted be sent to all members of or candidates for both Houses of Congress from that state and that each sectional organization actively support and work to secure Congressional and Senatorial commitments for the program endorsed.’”

The first session of the conference was called to order on Tuesday morning, September 27, by President Daniel B. Tierney, Arlington, Mass. The Chiefs attending their first International Association meeting were called to the platform and individually introduced.

Vice-Presidents and Host of I. A. F. C. Left to Right: Chief Ray Tiller, 1st Vice President I. A. F. C.; Chief John M. Evans, New Orleans, genial host to the convention; Chief W. H. Palmer, 2nd Vice President.

Joseph P. Skelly, Commissioner of Public Property of New Orleans, gave the address of welcome in behalf of the city and told of historic points of interest to visitors.

Chief George L. Johnson, Waltham, Mass., made the response in behalf of the Association and referred to Chief John Evans as “an adopted son of New England.” Chief Joseph N. Sullivan, Utica, N. Y., who had been scheduled to make this address, was unable to attend because of illness.

The President’s Message

Chief Tierney gave the President’s message. He traced the early history of the Association and said that the first plans for a Chiefs” organization were made on August 20, 1873, and that a meeting was held in Baltimore on October 20, 1873, which was attended by 48 chiefs, six assistant chiefs, four fire commissioners. and three members of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. Out of this meeting the Association developed. The Chief told of some of the accomplishments of past years and paid a high tribute to Fred Shepperd, Headquarters Manager, for his untiring efforts in behalf of the Association.

The assemblage rose and remained standing while prayer was offered by the Most Reverend Joseph Francis Rummcl. Archbishop of New Orleans.

President Tierney introduced PastPresident Selden R. Allen, Brookline, Mass.; Past-President Robert Bogan. Baton Rouge, La.; Past-President D. W. Brosnan, Albany, Ga.; Past-President Hugo M. Dell’s,, Lansing, Mich.; Past-President M. L. Tyson, the present Chief of the Oldsmobile Fire Department. Lansing, Mich.; Past-President Charles H. Brennan, San Francisco; Police Chief Dwyer, of New Orleans; First Vice-President Roy Mottesheard; Second Vice-President Ray Tiller; and Chief Evans, of New Orleans, who received an ovation.

Police Chief Dwyer then stepped forward and announced the appointment of “Dan” Tierney as Honorary Chief of Police of New Orleans for the duration of the conference.

Judge O’Connor Makes Memorial Address

The annual memorial address was given by Judge James O’Connor, First Assistant Attorney-General of Louisiana, who said that he deeply appreciated the honor conferred upon him in being asked for the third time to deliver a memorial address before the International Association of Fire Chiefs at a New Orleans Conference.

He referred to Chief Evans as “a zealous fireman, a great Chief, and one of the finest officials the city has over had.” He said that without the aid of Fire and Police Departments local government would disappear from the face of the earth.

A Few of the Outstanding Figures at the I. A. F. C. Convention V. C. Stanley, Pres., The Gamewell Co., who acted as Master of Ceremonies at the long in be remembered Gamewell Rendezvous entertainment feature.Chief Chas. J. Brennan, San Francisco, left, who won next year’s convention, being congratulated by Chief Thos, Hardwick of Kansas City, Mo., who made a fight for it.Former Chief John Kenlon of New York looking more youthful and jovial than ever.

“In every cemetery of this great country of ours lies a man of your calling who has Gone West for ever,” declared the judge; “But our spirit is immortal. I am firmly convinced that the souls of those who have gone on before are with us here today. The spirit of man, given him by his Creator, will live forever. So, let us say ‘Rest on. embalmed and sainted dead; nor shall your glory be forgot while fame her record keeps’.”

Roll of Deceased Members

Secretary James Mulcahey then read the roll of deceased members of the association since the last conference.

Chief John W. O'Hearn the driving force behind the New England Association of Fire Chiefs, gets a little relaxation aboard the Eastern Regulars train.

This “Roll of Honor” contained the following name: Battalion Chief Anthony J. McGrann, Philadelphia, Pa.; Captain Edward M. Fair, Philadelphia, Pa.; Chief Charles V. Noel, Narberth, Pa.; Chief William H. Palm, Shillington, Pa.; Fire Marshal Edward A. Donahue, Wilmington, Del.; Chief H. W. Breeder, Egg Harbor City, N. J.; Chief Frank M. Conklin, East Hampton, N. Y.; Assistant Chief Ralph B. Cooper, Philadelphia, Pa.; Chief J. H. Donnelly, Newport News, Va.; Chief F. W. Stronach, Santa Barbara, Cal.; Ex-Chief Paul J. Moore, Newark, N. J.; Chief H. A. Johnson, Ventura, Cal.; Ex-Chief W. E. Bideker, Fort Worth, Texas; Chief M. P. Burns, Tyler, Texas; Chief H. L. Taylor, Rome, Ga.; Captain W. G. Russeil, Waterbury, Conn.; Fred E. Mitchell, Rio Vista, Cal.; John J. Scully, Boston, Mass.; George Crouse, Westernville, O.; Ex-Chief D. W. Hoadley, Naugatuck, Conn.; ExChief Patrick McGrath, Meriden, Conn.; Chief John A. Palmer, Torrington, Conn.; Ex-Chief E. W. S. Pickett, Fairfield, Conn.; Chief C. E. Sears, Claremont, N. H.; Chief Arthur W. Dugan, Vergennes, Vt.; Ex-Chief C. H. Knowles, South Hamilton, Mass.; District Chief James H. Gallagher, Fall River, Mass.; Chief Louis Ware, Hanover, N. H.; Chief Frank M. White, Guilford, Conn.; Joseph B. Kelly, Pawtucket, R. I.; Charles Maulen, Dallas, Texas; Gerald Diederich, master mechanic, Kansas City, Kan.; District Chief Louis P. Joerder, St. Louis, Mo.; Assistant Chief George V. McBride, Kansas City, Mo.; District Chief John A. Angelo, St. Louis, Mo.; District Chief Arthur Hammer, St. Louis, Mo.; Chief Ray Starr, St. Francis, Kan.; Chief George Lapp, Butte, Montana; Chief Ferd Stann, Antioch, Cal.; McClure Kelly, San Francisco, Cal.; Assistant Chief R. E. Williamson, Los Angeles, Cal.; Karl Muller, Dixon, Cal.; W. G. Holt, Red Bluff, Cal.; Ex-Chief W. A. Bradford, Cottage Grove, San Jose. Cal.; Ray Spindler, Hollywood, Cal.; James H. Branscomb, Boise, Idaho: Chief H. D. Gray, Richmond, Cal.; Chief George Haggerty, Berkeley, Cal.; Ex-Chief James M. Casey. Cambridge, Mass.; Chief A. A. Lee, Encinitas, Cal.; Henry J. Stevens, Commissioner of Public Safety, Hull, Mass.; and Ex-Chief William Dean, Orlando, Florida.

Part of Large New Jersey Delegation Which Was Very Much in Evidence at the New Orleans Convention

After the reading of the foregoing roll of honor the morning session adjourned.

(To be continued)

Conference Sidelights

The ladies attending the conference gave high praise to Mrs. John M. Evans, wife of the New Orleans Chief, for her work as head of the ladies’ reception and entertainment committee. The program included luncheons at some of the Crescent City’s famous restaurants and drives to points of historic interest in the old French quarter and elsewhere. Miniature bales of cotton were given the ladies souvenirs of Louisiana.

Among Those Present at the 66th Annual Convention of the International Association of Fire Chief Held at New Orleans, La., on September 27 to 30, 1938At the New Orleans Fire Chiefs Convention (L. to R.) left group—Chief Wm. R. Dowling, Jacksonville, Fla., and ex-Chief Fillmore Tyson, Olds Motor Car Co., Lansing, Mich. Center—Part of the Louisiana Delegation, frout row, L. to R.—Chief Felix Perres, Rayne; Chief Jules Herbert, Flaquemine; Chief Roht. A. Bogan, Baton Rouge; Chief A. A. Hanson, Westwego; Walter K. Grant, Louisiana Rating Bureau, New Orleans; rear—Fernand Privat, Pres., Rayne Fire Assn., Rayne; Wm. Kleinpeter, Gretna; Chief T. Carl McEachern, Haynesville; W. K. Gardiner, Salvage Chief, Kansas City, Mo., and Chief L. F. Kihneman, Morgan City. Right— Chief Roscoe Foster, Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Va., and Chief Peter Steinkellner, Milwaukee, Wis.

Demonstrations given in the street outside the Municipal Auditorium of the 100 foot metal aerial ladder by the Peter Pirsch & Sons Company created much interest, especially when a New Orleans fireman climbed to the tip of the big three splice ladder fully extended.

The Gamewell Vocalarm System was used for a loud speaker paging system in the exhibit ball, which proved highly efficient in locating the man wanted and getting him to “kindly report at the service desk.”

On the second day of the conference the lobby of the headquarters hotel blazed forth with three huge banners. One read “San Francisco, World’s Fair, 1939,” another “New York. World’s Fair City 1939,” and the third banner proclaimed that “Kansas City, the Heart of America, Invites You.”

Chief John M. Evans, the genial convention host, was presented with a beautiful Oriental rug on the night of the banquet. The day the conference opened he received the brand new chief’s car that the mayor had ordered for him.

A new device for anchoring ladders to buildings was demonstrated in the exhibit hall by Firemen McDaniel and Richardson, of Station No. 17, of the Fort Worth, Texas, Fire Department. It consisted of a hook, spring, and 10 feet of stainless steel airplane wire.

Active Members Present at the I. A. F. C. Convention


Brown, Alf, Birmingham.

Hill, Leo B., Bessemer.

Ingram, Chester L., Montgomery.

Mathews, Edwin L., Tuscaloosa.

Tapia, Emanuel S., Mobile.

White, Donald, Florence.

Williams, Samuel E., Ind. Chief, Birmingham.

Ziglar, Jack, Dothan.


Alford, George, Pine Bluff.

Carmichael, Joseph, Little Rock.

Farbridge, E. K., Monticello.

Gaston, Elmer, Ind. Chief, El Dorado.

Hafer, Charles S., Ex-Chief, Little Rock.

Smedley, J. Henry, Camden.

Smith, Frank H., El Dorado.


Brennan, Charles, San Francisco.

Cooper, William P., Richmond.

Dunphy, Mike, Sacramento.

King, Warren L., Santa Paula.

Lamb, Edward, Ex-Chief, San Francisco.

Lutkey, William G., Oakland.

Powhay, Harold P., Kern County.

Stevens, Jay W., State Fire Marshal, San Francisco.

Van Dervort, William, Chief Treasure Island, San Francisco.

Williams, W. Ralph, Fresno.


Healy, John F., Denver.

Johnson, Emil A., Boulder.

Taylor, Fred A., Colorado Springs.


Burns, Thos. L., Bridgeport.

Cavanaugh, Thomas F., Waterbury.

Noble, William J., New Britain.


Hasson, Harry F., Ind. Chief, Wilmington.

Lutz. William J., Wilmington.


Bicker, W. R., Pensacola.

Carter, Jordan R., Fort Lauderdale.

Dean Gideon, Orlando.

Dowling, William R., Jacksonville.

Edwards, Steve, Quincy.

Nesbit, Claude N., St. Petersburg.

Pfaender, Floyd, Ind. Chief, Chattahoochee.

Pfaender, Marvin A., Winter Haven.


Barker, Novatus Lee, West Point.

Brosnan, D W., Albany.

Cook, Thomas M., Valdosta.

Corless, Charles W., LaGrange.

Kennedy, John B., Augusta.

Kinney, William T., Rome.

Lester, Emory F., Athens.

Mills, Ben L., Cartersville.

Monroe, John H., Savannah.

Parker, Otho J., Atlanta.

Powell, James J., Griffin.

Wiggins, Max, East Point.


Blake, Thomas D., Rockford.

Benson, L. J., Ind. Chief, Chicago.

Corrigan, M. J., Chief Fire Marshal & Comm., Chicago.

Cretty, Earl E., Galesburg.

Davis, Frank M., Danville.

Herring, Albert, Murphysboro.

Hofstetter, Albert, Evanston.

Knol, George, Cicero.

Luedeke, Albert, Freeport.

McAuliffe, Frank C. Chief Fire Patrol, Chicago.

Marquart, Roy, Kankakee.

Nygren, John O., Joliet.

Platt, William, Decatur.

Ryan, Edward L. Aurora.

Schmidt, August G., Rock Island.

Simon, George, Quincy.

Thrun, William C., Batavia.

Whalen, Robert E., Elgin.


Clune, Thomas P., Gary.

Gammans, Ramond A., Kokomo.

Homann, Albert, La Porte.

Kennedy, Fred C., Indianapolis.

Krueger, Otto, Michigan City.

Williams, Harry E. Richmond.

Smith, Clem, State Fire Marshal, Indianapolis.


Kelley, Richard, Davenport.

Morris, Lynn R., Ames.

of Fire Chiefs Held at New Orleans, La., on September 27 to 30, 1938

At the New Orleans Convention Chief Wm. H. Castimore, Buffalo, and Chief Edw. W. Gieselman, Syracuse.Chief John J. McElligott, New York City; Chief Wm. P. Payne, Spokane, Wash., and Dr. Harry Archer, Fire Dept. Surgeon, New York.Norcross Stratton, Asst. Dir., Mass. Vocational Education, and Frank Cushman, Consultant, U. S. Vocational Education Training.

(Chiefs unless otherwise specified)

Nelson, Wesley T., Cherokee.

Pyle, J. Vincent, State Fire Marshal, Des Moines.

Slade, Charles L., Des Moines.

Stephenson, Clarence, Red Oak.

Tiller, Ray, Waterloo.


Cawker, William J., Topeka.

Lind, Olander, Kansas City.

McCall, Harlo H., Wichita.

Rayburn, Donald J., El Dorado.

West, Glen, Hutchinson.


Cureton, Edward E., Owensboro.

Hensley, Burris, Ashland.

McDonald, Harry R., Chief Salvage Corp., Louisville.

McHugh, Edward A., Louisville.

Miles, Edward, Newport.

Henry, Charles J., Lexington.


Bernard, Rene, Thibodaux.

Bogan, Robert A., Baton Rouge.

Eastman, Arthur C., Jennings.

Evans, John M., New Orleans.

Hanson, Arthur A., Westwego.

Hebert, Jules A., Plaquemine.

Kihneman, Louis F., Morgan City.

McEachern, T. Carl, Hayncsville.

Mequet, Carmen R., Jeanerette.

Miles, John, Crowley.

Neff, Ralph, Alexandria.

Perres, Felix, Rayne.

Roddy, Frank J., Monroe.

Smith, Elmer G., Bogalusa.

Flores, Sloan, Shreveport.

Helder, Louis E., Istrouma. Mistretta, Gaetano, Donaldsonville.


Randlette, Joseph W., Richmond.

Sanborn, Oliver T., Portland.


Fisher, Jesse A., Annapolis.

Hoenicka, Reid C., Cumberland.


Allen, Selden R., Brookline.

Crown, John P., Westboro.

Dickinson, Frank F., Brockton.

Gutheim, Herman E., Cambridge.

Harrigan, Henry J., Dedham.

Hill, William H., Belmont.

Johnson, Geo. L., Waltham.

McCarthy, Charles L., Worcester.

Magee, Richard A., Truro.

O’Hearn, John W., Watertown.

Pope, Samuel J., Boston.

Root, Hubert C., Springfield.

Shea, Michael J., Fitchburg.

Smith, Fred, East Bridgewater.

Soper, Arthur E., Mansfield.

Tappin, Robert M., Gardner.

Tierney, Daniel, Arlington.

Donnelle, Chester L., Walpole.

Pye, Frederick H., Stoughton.


Anselm, Gustav, Wyandotte.

Bender, Frank W., Saginaw.

Bystrom, R. W., Marquette.

Chauvin, Ledger, Grosse Point.

Deifs, Hugo R., Lansing.

Fifarck, Jos., Traverse City,

Giasson, Geo., Ex-Chief, Wyandotte.

Griffin, John, Hamtramck.

Israel, Walter F., Detroit.

Jaeger, Albert M., Ecorse.

Mottesheard, Roy E., Dearborn.

Post, Donald D., Ferndale.

Smith, Chis, Muskegon.

Trombley, Frank F., Sault Ste. Marie.

Tyson, Fillmore, Ex-Chief, Lansing.


Fischer, John A., Duluth.

Quist, Nels F., Virginia.

Traeger, Earl A., Minneapolis.

Turk, Louis, Chisholm.


Barksdale, Ed. J., Hattiesburg.

Bellifanni, Sam, McComb.

McDonald, Leroy F., Jackson.

Maxwell, Rufus W., Clarksdale.

Partin, William F. C., Meridian.

Thompson, Edward F., Gulfport.

Hodgins, W. F., Yazoo.


Gardner, William H., Chief Fire Patrol, Kansas City.

Hardwick, Thomas J., Kansas City. Jones, John B., Joplin.

O’Boyle, John J., St. Louis.

O’Donnell, Jas. T., Chief Salvage Corp, St. Louis.

Urbanski, Leo J., St. Joseph.


Hall, Ward W., Alliance.


Spring, Arthur W., Laconia.


Barbour, Myron, Ex-Chief, Long Branch.

Beckert, Ernest G., West New York.

Callahan, Andrew T., Harrison.

Chamberlain, Albert, Hillside.

Cullinan, John J., Morristown.

Friedel, Charles, Jr., Union City.

Gussner, Thomas, Bloomfield.

Hayes, J. David, Millburn.

Hogan, James G., Bayonne.

Jaqucs, Arthur C., New Brunswick.

Johnson, Irwin, Ocean City.

Journey, Joseph, Nutley.

Keegan, James T., Chief Salvage, Fire Comm., Newark.

Kenah, William H., Elizabeth.

Kenlon, John, Englewood.

Kennedy, Martin T., West Orange.

Kiernan, Peter, Newark.

Lasher, George P., Edgewater.

Loughran, John C., South Orange.

Lum, Reginald P., Madison.

McGinley, Charles, East Orange.

McGlennon, Cornelius, Long Branch.

Metzler, Warren A., Roselle Park.

Mitchell, Geo., Ex-Chief, E. Orange.

Murphy, Edward, Red Bank.

Murray, Thomas, Summit.

O’Neill, William F., Weehawken.

Presley, Oliver B., Ex-Chief, Long Branch.

Reid, Robert A., Belleville.

Ridley, Kenloch, Ex-Chief, Teaneck.

Taggart, William, Asbury Park.

Van Schoik, James, Red Bank.

Wagner, Dr. Otto (Hon.), Elizabeth.

Wright, George S., Roselle.


Baker, Philip, Ex-Chief Port Chester.

Brennan, John J., Pelham Manor.

Brown, George W. M., Newburgh.

Case, I. Herbert (Hon.), New York.

Castimore, William R. Buffalo.

Dougherty, Thos. F. (Hon.), Ex-Chief, New York.

Fletcher, George N., Rochester.

Gates, William J., Glen Falls.

Gibson, John, Mount Vernon.

Gieselman, Edward W., Syracuse.

Kenney, Charles H., Malverne.

McElligott, John J., New York.

Mulcahcy, James J., Ex-Chief. Yonkers.

O’Boyle, Francis E., Middetown.

O’Neill, James H., Niagara Falls

Rivers, Ralph, Hudson Falls.

Scharfenberg, H. A., Ex-Chief, East Rockaway.

Shepperd, Fred (Hon.), New York.

Smith, Osbourne, Larchmont.


Bennett, Frank, Durham.

Brockwell, Sherwood, State Fire Marshal, Raleigh.

Burkett, Charles L., Salisbury,

Croom, Jerry, Wilmington.

Holland, William E., Raleigh.

McLaughen, Geo. F., Gastonia.

Palmer, William H., Charlotte.

Shaw, Frank D., Greensboro.


Black, James, Grand Forks.

Campion, Frank, Fargo.

Nimma, William K., Devils Lake.


Delaney, Charles A., Lakewood.

Frock, Grover L., Springfield.

Harris, Clarence E., Akron.

King, Harry A., East Cleveland.

Leedon, Robert R., Portsmouth.

Schlorf, Fred T., Toledo.

Welch, Edward P., Columbus.


Blackburn, Dick, Claremore.

Dews, Frank, Chickasha.

Fulkerson, Boise, Norman.

Gelbhar, Alvin, Cushing.

Tack son, Henry J., Guthrie.

McAlpine, Geo. R., Oklahoma City.

Pence, J. Roy., Stillwater.


Grenfell, Edw., Portland.


Clark, Michael E., Williamsport.

Leonard, Michael, Erie.

Miller, Harry E., Lancaster.

Phelan, Nicholas A., Pittsburgh.

Wagner, L. Ellis, York.

Wood, Charles E., Chester.


Callahan, Frank J., Central Falls.

Cote, A. J., Woonsocket.

Lawton, Jos. S., Newport.

Taupier, Napoleon, Pawtucket.


Blackwell, William O., Spartanburg.

Mauldin, Albert, Anderson.

Wells, Henry B., Newberry.


Sloan, William H., Sioux Falls.


Johnson, Calvin M., Knoxville.

Jones, Robert, Chattanooga.

Klinck, Irby, Memphis.

Pyle, J. Roy, Kingsport.

Stoner, William, Lookout Mt.


Anderson, Eugene, Lancaster.

Aten, Fred, Gladewater.

Cook, Eugene, Denton.

Cooper, George B., Amarillo.

Dothan, G. E., Coleman.

Ferguson, Standefer, Fort Worth.

Ginn, Henry L., Tyler.

Hansen, Sidney E., Dallas.

Huntley, John D., Vernon.

Davidson, Jasper H., Houston.

Jenkins, Charles E., Bryan.

Mackey, Lewis, Longview.

O’Connor, Steve D., Beaumont.

Radial, David P., Port Arthur.

Roe, J. Ray, Abilene.

Speckels, Irwin W., Schulenburg.

Sullivan, John T., El Paso.

Vrana, A. L., Flatonia.

William, Frank, College Station.


Knight, Walter, Salt Lake City.

Rapp, Charles, Logan.


Stockwell, Carl D., Burlington.


Baughn, Richard, Norfolk.

Duncan, James M., Jr., Alexandria.

Foster, Roscoe A., Chief Navy Yard, Ind. Chief, Portsmouth.

McMenamin, Lester, Lorton.

Powers, Garland A., Newport News.


Payne, William P., Spokane.


Doolittle, Ralph F., Fairmont.

McLane, James, Charleston.


McGillan, George, Appleton.

Steinkellner, Peter, Milwaukee.

Sweeney, James, Superior.

Associate Members Present at the I. A. F. C. Convention


Bryant, J., Mayor, Bessemer.

Dowling, Bill, Jr., Seagrave Corp., Birmingham. Watkins, Jesse F., Birmingham.

Wells, Thomas H., Jr., Bussmann Mfg. Co., Birmingham.


Emory, Orville J., Captain, Los Angeles.

Matlock, Allen, Batt, Chief, San Francisco.


Beardslee, Frederick W., Mack Trucks, Bridgeport.

Ringers, Joe, Sales Manager, Fabric Fire Hose Co., Newton.


Swenney, Frank, Captain, Wilmington.


Cushman, Frank, Consultant Voc. Ed., Washington.

Price, David J., U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington.

Richardson, George J., International Assn, of Fire Fighers, Washington.

Withers, W. W., American-LaFrance & Foamite Ind., Inc., Washington.

Some Popular Figures at the I. A. F. C. Convention (L. to R.) W. R. Pirsch, Vice Pres., and Henry Lundscow, Chief Engr., of Peter Pirsch & Sons Co., Kenosha; B. D. Barton, American-Marsh Pumps, Inc.; Chief Osbourne Smith, Larchmont, N. Y., and Clarence Meek, New York Mgr. of Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Co.; A. J. Valind, Sales Mgr., Midwestern Mfg. Co.; Nelson Thompson, Sales Mgr., and Paul E. Ryan, Dallas Repr., of the Homelite Corp.


Willis, W. Ray, American-LaFrance & Foamite Ind., Inc., Jacksonville.


Beaumont, Walter A., Pyrene Mfg. Co., Atlanta.

Berst, Charles, Atlanta.

Blackwell, Miller J., Captain, Augusta.

Chamberlayne, Crenshaw, Pyrene Mfg. Co., Atlanta.

Coats, George H., Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills, Atlanta.

Eaves, Judson O., American-LaFrance & Foamite Ind., Inc., Atlanta.

Greene, John W., American-LaFrance & Foamite Ind., Inc., Atlanta.

Grobe, John R., Chief Mechanic, Augusta.

Kellam, D. S., Kellam Mfg. Co., Atlanta.

Simmons, Bob, American-LaFrance & Foamite Ind., Inc., Atlanta.

Timmerman, Roy S., Peter Pirsch & Sons Co., & Eureka Fire Hose Co., Atlanta.


Bailey, John J., Electric Controller Corp., Chicago.

Binford, Jim, American-LaFrance & Foamite Ind., Inc., Chicago.

Carlson, Martin J., C. M. St. P. & P. R. R., Chicago.

Coleman, Father J. F., Chaplain Fire Ins. Patrol, Chicago.

Cover, Berkey E., Sr., Cover Dual Signal Corp., Chicago.

Devine, Harry W., Chicago.

Flynn, James F., Potter Mfg. Company, Chicago.

Frieshon, W. F., Jr., Federal Electric Co., Chicago.

Gleason, James M., Chicago.

Goldsmith, Clarence, Asst. Chief Engineer, N. B. F. U., Chicago.

Lawless, Richard M., Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Co., Chicago.

Lehr, Louis A., Seagrave Corp., Chicago.

Moeller, Joseph F., Mars Signal Light Co., Chicago.

Raleigh, John, Fire Commissioner, Cicero.

Redmond. John P., Batt. Chief, Chicago.

Stover, Frank F., The Gamcwell Company, Chi-


Stratton, Alvin C., American Automatic Elec. Sales Co., Chicago.

Watson, Earl C., American-LaFrance & Foamite Ind., Inc., Chicago.


Glayebrook, William H., Fabric Fire Hose, Indianapolis.

Hansen, Elwood E., Sales Mgr., Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Elkhart.

Hayes, Guy, Police & Fireman’s Ins. Assn., Indianapolis.

Stump, Jack, Kokomo.


Lubberden, A., Dept. State Fire Marshal, Des Moines.

Vollcrtsen, Jack R., Chairman Fire Committee, City Council, Davenport.


Collins, Matt H., Sales Manager, Rensselaer Valve Co., Louisville.

Wakefield, Dunlop, Safety Director, Louisville.


Comegys, William M., Asst. Chief, Shreveport.

Grant, Walter K., Mun. Eng’r., La. Rating & Fire Prev. Bureau, New Orleans.

Kissgcn, Peter J., Secretary, Fire Ins. Patrol, New Orleans.

Privat, Fernand, President of F. D., Rayne.

Proctor, J. S., Eureka Fire Hose Division, Alexandria.

Sivori, Frank C., Fulton Bay & Cotton Mills, New Orleans.

Skelly, Toseph P., Comm, of Public Property, New Orleans.

Slaughter, D. M., National Board of Fire Underwriters, New Orleans.

Welch, M. E., Supt. Ins. Patrol, New Orleans.

Wright, Elward, Mayor, Houma.


Criswell, Robert R., Professor Fire Extension Course, College Park, Md.

Irvine, Harry, Police & Fire Commissioner, Cumberland.

Wickard, Charles H., Asst. Chief, Cumberland.


Belknap, Harry, FIRE ENGINEERING editorial representative, Boston.

Cowles, A. Lee, Eureka Fire Hose Co., Boston.

Goode, George W., Commissioner, Brookline.

McCarthy, Edward J., Gen. Sales Mgr., The Game well Co., Newton.

O’Neill, Edward J., Peter Pirsch & Sons Co. & Boston Woven Fire Hose & Rubber Co., Boston.

Sherwood, N. Dick, Rockwood Sprinkler Co., Worcester.

Spangenberg, Seward, Wellesley Hills.

Stanley, Vincent C., President, The Gamewell Co., Newton.

Stratton, M. Norcross, Director of Fire Schools, Boston.

Tracy, Hubert W., American Fire Equipment Co., Boston.


Bartin, Willis, Battle Creek.

Barton, Ben D., American Marsh Pumps, Inc., Battle Creek.

Bubb, James J., Dearborn.

Callahan, Harry J., Drill Master, Detroit.

Rector, Edward L., Asst. Chief, Grosse Pointe Park.

Rumsey, Ed. C., Chief of Apparatus, Detroit.

Schonhofen, Frank A., Dearborn.


Delany, George L., Bussmann Mfg. Co., St. Louis.

Dolan, Edw. S., Pres., St. Louis Sponge Co., St. Louis.

Gilly, Oden F., Captain, St. Joseph.

Parmelee, Alfred F., Gustin-Bacon Mfg. Co. & Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Co., Kansas City.

Scott, Glenn T., American La France & Foamite Ind., Inc., Kansas City.


Fricke, Frank R., Jr., Comm., Elizabeth.

Keenan, John B., Fire Comm., Newark.

Maloney, John P., Pyrene Mfg. Co., Newark.

Schafer, Sam, Commissioner, Bloomfield.

Tomnie, Peter, Gen. Manager, American Fire Hose Co., Passaic.


Archer, Dr. Harry M., Surgeon, N. Y. F. D., New York.

Barton, Warren S., Batt. Chief, New York.

Beutell, Otto F., American-LaFrance & Foamite Ind., Inc., New York.

Booth, George W., Chief Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York.

Cavanagh, Harry G., Gen. Agent, American District Telegraph Co., New York.

Cook, Gifford T., Asst. Manager, I. A. F. C., New York.

Crockett, Albert G., Mack Trucks, Inc., New York.

Franklin, William F., J. H. Bonnell & Co., New York.

Green, Joseph H., Gen. Manager, Eureka Fire Hose Div., New York.

Horine, Merrill C., Mack Trucks, Inc., New York.

Hutchins, L. W., Director, Safety Research, Inst., New York.

McQuaide, D. A., Branch Manager, Seagrave Corp., New York.

Meek, Clarence E., Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Co., New York.

Moeller, William, Atlas Fire Equipment Co., New York.

O’Neill, E. E., Vice-Pres., American La France & Foamite ind., Inc., Elmira.

Ryan, Paul F., Homelite Coro., Port Chester.

Stewart, Clarence D., American La France & Foamite Ind., Inc., New York.

Sullivan, Arthur G., American La France & Foamite Ind., Inc., Elmira.

Thompson, Nelson, Homelite Corp., Port Chester.

Veit, John O., Braxmar Co., New York.

Walker, Hubert, Chief Engineer, American La France Foamite Ind., Inc., Elmira.

Wallace, Leland J., New York.


Griswold, Clarance M., Asst. Chief, Charlotte.

Turney, Tom, Mack Trucks, Inc., Charlotte.


Ahrens, John P., V. P., Ahrens Fox Fire Engine Co., Cincinnati.

Faris, Edgar C., Seagrave Corporation, Columbus.

Hardy, Lee, Buckeye Iron & Brass Works. Dayton,

Lee, William E., The Seagrave Corp., Columbus.

Love, Jesse M., Akron Brass Mfg. Co., Inc., Wooster.

Portwood, Mrs. B. H., Rep., Fire Protection Magazine, Cincinnati.

Schcllin, John C., Gen. Mgr., Akron Brass Mfg. Co., Wooster.

Schlcinitz, William, Dayton Fire Equip. Co., Dayton.

Stevenson, Lester, Seagrave Corp., Columbus.

Valind, A. J., Midwestern Mfg. Co., Napoleon.


Appleby, William A., Fire Commissioner, Norman.

Conrad, J. Jay, Fire Commissioner, Chickasha.

Heisler, W. Fred, Director of Tech. Training, Okla, A. & M. College, Stillwater.

Meyers, Tony, Oklahoma City.


Riley, R. Earl, Commissioner of Finance. Portland.


Seth, George L. Mine Safety Appliances Co., Pittsburgh.


Cathcart, James M., Commissioner, Anderson.

Poore, Clifton H., Anderson.


Brenner, Lester H., Peter Pirsch & Sons Co., Memphis.


Bass, Cone T., Mack Int. Motor Truck Corp., Dallas.

Boker, Oscar A., Secretary to Fire Department, Dallas.

Busbey, Arthur B., Sales Repr., American La France & Foamite Ind., Inc., Dallas.

Dunn, Guilford T., The Gamewell Co., Dallas.

Felds, Theodore H., Dist. Mgr., E. D. Bullard Co., Houston.

Gruber, George J., Mine Safety Appliances Co., Houston.

Habermann, Richard J., American Dist. Telegraph Co., Dallas.

Holton, Frank, Fire Commissioner, Houston.

JollifT, Edwin N.. Supt., Signal System, Fort Worth.

Jones, Burle B., Operating Supt., American Dist. Telegraph Co., Dallas.

Joyner, Richard W., Eureka Fire Hose Division. Dallas.

McAllister, Dan, Jr., Peter Pirsrh & Sons Co., Dallas.

Mattingly, Bernard G., Drill Master, Nashville.

Richards, Benjamin, Fire Commissioner, Houston.

Ringers, Harry J., Fabric Fire Hose Co., Dallas.

Scott, Asst. Chief, Longview.


Hancock, William, Asst. Chief, Salt Lake City.


Raffo, John F., Chief of Fire Prev. Bureau, Richmond.

Venopal, Edw. T., Dir. of Sales, Charlottesville Woolen Mills, Chariottevllle.


Rogers, Robert B., Asst. Chief, Seattle.


Lundskow, Henry P., Chief Engineer, Peter Pirsch & Sons Co., Kenosha.

Pirsch, William R., Peter Pirsch & Sons Co., Kenosha.


Scott, William J., Fire Marshal, Toronto, Ontario.

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