Chiefs, Welcome!

Chiefs, Welcome!

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING bids welcome to the Fire Officials of America who are gathering at Toronto for their annual convention. This year’s meeting, we believe, will be among the most noteworthy in the Association’s long and honorable history.

IN future issues we shall give the detailed reports of the proceedings and reproduce the important papers that are read. Those who find it impossible to make the trip to Toronto themselves can count upon their paper, FIRE AND WATER ENGUNEERING, to faithfully report the proceedings for them, just as we have been doing for the American Water Works Association.

THAT, after all, is the chief function of the wide-awake journal, to give its readers the essential news of the field it serves. That is what we are trying to do, and from the many kind letters we are receiving from you, our readers, we believe we are on the way to success.

SUGGESTIONS for further improvement are always welcome, and we are particularly glad to hear from the members of the I. A. F. E. Welcome!

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