Children Die in Film Fire

Children Die in Film Fire

An amateur motion picture show operated by two boys in Sao Paulo resulted in the death of five children and in serious burns to twenty-two others. Fifty children had paid an admission charge of two pennies and had crowded into the basement of a house where the two boys had set up a small projection machine and a screen. The place had only one exit and when the fire started in a pile of film, most of them were unable to escape.

Ladder Truck Delivered to Chilton, Wis.—A ladder truck has been delivered to Chilton. Wis.

Lynn Buys Buffalo Apparatus—The city of Lynn. Mass., has just awarded a contract to the Buffalo Fire Appliance Corp. at Buffalo, X. Y., for two 1,000 gallon triple combination pumpers.

Campaign Starts for Firemen’s 8-Hour Day—New York City aldermen are planning an intense campaign to win adoption of the 8-hour day for the New York Fire Department. The Uniformed Firemen’s Association has promised to help all that it can by winning support for the measure.

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