Children March Out Quietly when School is Threatened in Brooklyn Brewery Fire

Children March Out Quietly when School is Threatened in Brooklyn Brewery Fire

An example of the efficacy of the fire drill was shown when 3,200 children marched quietly out of Public School No. 75, on the sounding of the fire drill signal, in spite of the fact that smoke and flames were pouring from a brewery building directly opposite and the fire engines were clanging all around them.

Many fire companies, a rescue squad, police reserves, gas and electric emergency trucks were rushed to the fire, which was in the brewery as well as a storehouse and a bottling plant at Grove Street, near Evergreen Avenue, Brooklyn.

The fire, which was thought to have been started by children at play in the deserted old brewery, caused a loss estimated at between $150,000 and $250,000. Two hours of hard fighting elapsed before firemen were satisfied that they had the fire under control. The police ordered hundreds of families out of easily inflammable houses near by.

John K. Bolen, Principal of the public school at once sounded the signal. Five hundred little children, were in the assembly hall to receive a banner from representatives of the Bushwick Citizens Committee for their fine showing in the Decoration Day parade. The clash of the big gongs interrupted the proceedings. The children responded calmly and marched out of the building, showing no fear of the smoke pouring out of the burning structure across the street. Those children and all others in the school were out of the building within two minutes and twenty seconds, according to Mr. Bolen.

New York Fire Department Fighting Big Brewery Blaze in Brooklyn in an Inflammable Wooden Building.

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