Church Damaged in Brockton, Mass.

Church Damaged in Brockton, Mass.

The Waldo Congregational Church on North Main Street in Brockton, Mass., was damaged to the extent of $25,000 in a fire which started under the roof and is believed to have been caused by defective wiring.

Brockton firemen fought a hard battle in bitterly cold weather. The first warning of the fire came in a telephone call to fire alarm headquarters from a person living in the rear of the church. An alarm was sounded from the box at the corner of North Main and Albion Streets and upon the arrival of Deputy Chief John Murphy, a second alarm was ordered. This brought Chief William F. Daley to the scene and he sounded a third and general alarm.

Ruins of Church That Caused a General Alarm

A stiff wind fanned the dames, and spray from hose lines froze on the walls of the edifice and on the coats of the firemen. A squad of hosemen working a line inside the church had a narrow escape when a large section of the roof fell in.

The roofs of two nearby residences took fire from sparks, but these blazes were extinguished before any serious damage was caused.

The stained glass windows in the church escaped damage. The firemen worked at the blaze for more than five hours. Neighbors served coffee to the hosemen and laddermen who suffered severely from the cold.

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