Church Loses Insurance Suit

Church Loses Insurance Suit

A Superior Court jury at Hartford, Conn., on November 1, denied damages to a Catholic church at Ansonia that sued 10 insurance companies after its convent was destroyed by fire two years ago and they refused to pay.

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin complained that none of the companies would pay under fire insurance policies after the convent, located at 61 North Cliff Street, was burned to the ground.

An unusual aspect of the case was that the convent was being demolished at the time of the fire. A new replacement convent already had been erected nearby. Evidence indicated that the old convent was 10 per cent demolished when the fire of undetermined origin broke out.

Evidence also indicated that there was no actual loss to the church because the right of salvage was with the wrecking firm under demolition contract.

On the other hand, the church contended that fire insurance policies on the convent were in effect at the time of the fire, and that the insurance companies by law were required to make good the loss.

The church had an aggregate of $1,436,450 in fire insurance with 10 companies, of which $67,750 was for the convent. The church asked the full amount for the loss of the convent.

Companies involved in the suit were the Travelers, National Union, Granite State Fire Insurance companies; Home Insurance, Glens Falls Insurance, Yorkshire Insurance and Reliance Insurance companies; Northern Insurance Company of New York; Potomac Insurance Company of the District of Columbia, and the Merchants Fire Assurance Corporation of New York. The jury, by its verdict, said that none of the companies is responsible for the convent fire loss.

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