The Board of Fire Commissioners have appointed John J. Horan private in the Fire Department, and assigned him to Hook and Ladder Company No. 10.

Fireman John H. Griffen, of Hook and Ladder Company No. 10, has been transferred to Hook and Ladder Company No. 16, and William Farrell, of Engine Company No. 22, to Engine Company No. 39.

During a fire in West Thirty-fifth street, on Tuesday, James Hackett, of Engine Company No. 34. fell from a third-story window. He was taken home in the carriage of President King, of the Board of Commissioners.

Ernest Drevet, who was Foreman of Engine Company No. 7, applied to Judge Donohue in Supreme Court, Chambers, on Tuesday last, for a writ of certiorari to review the proceedings of the Fire Commissioners in removing him. which he claims was illegal. The court took the papers.

New York passed through the trying period attending the celebration of the Fourth of July with a comparatively light loss by fire, although the number of fires was in excess of the average. On Saturday there were 9 fires, on Sunday 10, and on Monday 16. There were no false alarms. The damage on buildings was estimated at $706, and on stock at $1,492.

At the meeting of the Fire Commissioners, Wednesday, a resolution was adopted directing the establishment of telephones in the residences of the Chief and Assistant Chief of the Department, and also in the quarters of the Chiefs of Battalions from the first to the tenth district, and also in the quarters of Engine Company No. 33, and Hook and Ladder Company No. 5.

The New York Board of Underwriters recently passed the following resolution :— Resolved, That this Board recognizes with pleasure the skill, endurance and courage so frequently exhibited by the New York Fire Department, and especially manifested at the recent fire in the Leroy street General Order store, and they hereby express to the Engineers, Officers and force of the Department their sense of the obligation of the insurance companies and of the citizens of New York to officers and men who so ably performed work so dangerous and so important.

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