City Block Threatened at Sharon, Pa.

City Block Threatened at Sharon, Pa.

Fire of undetermined origin destroyed the DeForest Block at Sharon. Pa. and caused damage, estimated by the fire department, at $130,000. Only good work by the department prevented the spread of the blaze to nearby buildings.

The building destroyed was sixty-five years old, construced of wood, two stories in the front and three stories in the rear. The fire started in the basement. It was discovered by the man who comes around in the morning to care for the furnace.

The fire burned for three hours. It was necessary to call aid from Farrell, and aid was offered by the Westinghouse plant, located there. When the fire department arrived the basement was all afire and the flames were creeping up the elevator shaft.

The alarm called out a White hose and chemical car, a squad hose and chemical car, and on the second alarm a White triple combination car, and the Farrell department sent an American-La France triple combination pumper.

The loss on the buildings was $52,000 and the loss on contents, $76,000. Chief Fred Vanderholt, was in charge of the fire.

Chief Fred Vanderholt, Sr.Fighting a Fire in Sharon, Pa. Fire swept through the De Forrest Block, at Sharon. Pa., destroving the contents of two stores and wrecking the buildings. Three other structures damaged, causing total loss of some $250,000. The illustration shows the fire department of Sharon handling the fire.

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