After August 1, City Island, which has run an independent fire department of its own, will come under the jurisdiction of the regular department of New York, and be protected against fire by a company of the Manhattan men. The work of organizing and commanding this company has been intrusted to Foreman Patrick Conaghan, late of the East One Hundred and Fourth street fire house. The present fire department of City Island consists of two companies, the Minneford engine company and the Island hook and ladder company. The chief of the department is John O. Fordham anoysterman, with George W Byles, a boatbuilder. as his assistant. The foreman of the Minnefords is James D. Bell, one of the principal merchants on the island, and the captain of the Island hook and ladder company is James Anderson, a ship carpenter. The department was organized in 1895, and was the outcome of a lire which destroyed Barstow’s hotel and a hall used for religious and Masonic purposes. In 1896, although the island was annexed to New York city, the volunteer fire department was kept up—the apparatus being supplied by the city.

On August 1, the apparatus will consist of a hook and ladder truck and a combination chemical engine and hose wagon, the men for which will be housed in a frame fire station, twenty-four feet by eighty feet, two stories high, which has been built on East Scofield avenue. There will be accommodation for eighteen men, although only twelve will be employed at first. A hook and ladder truck and a hose cart have been placed in it temporarily. The regular fire departmentsystem of alarms will befollowed, and will supersede the old haphazard style in vogue in the island—that where the first who saw a fire told the sexton of the Methodist church, who thereupon tolled the bell five times. The locality of the fire was then indicated by one, two, three, or four strokes respectively.

Capt. Conaghan, has a very fine record of thirty years’ service in the department (he has been eight 3’ears a captain), and his new company—No. 70—will be composed of picked men, each of whom has seen from ten to twenty years’ service.

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