M. J. Sullivan, the new chief of Long Island City, has submitted the following report to the Board of Fire Commissioners:

GENTLEMEN—On entering upon the duties of chief engineer of the fire department, it becomes my duty to present your honorable board with a report of the condition of apparatuses and supplies of the different companies, together with such recommendations as I think will be in the interest of the department.

The department now consists of 4 hand engines, 3 hook and ladder trucks and 6 hose carriages.

Jackson engine No. 1 is in good working order, and has 250 feet of cotton hose in good condition.

Protection engine No. 2 is very much in need of springs, new bottom in box and general repairs and painting ; has 400 feet cotton hose and 150 feet rubber hose in good condition ; 200 feet rubber hose, worthless.

Franklin engine No. 3 is away in paint shop.

Hunter engine No. 4 is in fair condition ; has 300 feet cotton hose in good condition ; 50 feet cotton hose, worthless.

Astoria hook and ladder No. 1 needs new boxes and repairs to wheels and painting; has 5 ladders, 4 axes, 2 picks, 1 crowbar, 4 hay forks, 2 shovels, 9 hooks, 1 chain and rope, 2 Babcock fire extinguishers.

Live Oak No. 2 is in paint shop, all finished ready for duty as soon as company is provided with a house. It has 5 ladders, 2 axes, 2 picks, 1 crowbar, 5 hooks, 1 chain hook and rope.

Friendship No. 3 in first-class order, and has 5 ladders, 7 axes, 2 picks, 1 crowbar, 6 forks, 1 battering ram, 9 hooks, 1 chain hook and rope.

Mohawk No. 1. Carriage needs repairing. Has 200 feet rubber hose ; 150 feet cotton hose, in good condition ; total, 350 feet. Worthless, 150 feet rubber, 150 feet cotton ; total 300.

Rambler No. 3. Carriage in first-class order ; in paint shop (awaiting repairs of house). Company is using reserve hose carriage ; has 250 feet cotton hose, in good condition.

Jackson No. 5. Carriage to go to repair shop as soon as I can replace it with hose cart or reserve carriage. Has 550 feet cotton hose, in good condition.

Union No. 6. Carriage in good condition, excepting spring, which was sprung while going to tire. Company has 500 feet cotton hose, in good condition.

Steinway No. 7. Carriage in good order; has 400 feet cotton, 200 feet rubber hose ; total, 600 feet, in good condition ; 200 feet rubber, worthless.

Tiger No. 8. Carriage in good order ; has 350 feet cotton and 150 feet rubber ; total, 500 feet hose, in good condition.

Total number feet cotton hose, in good condition, 2950 ; rubber hose, 650 feet.

Total number feet good hose, 3600,

Worthless hose, rubber, 550 feet; cotton, 400 feet; total, 950 feet. Number of ladders, 16.

I would recommend that in future the city purchase only rubber hose for the department, as it will stand more pressure and more wear and tear than the cotton hose now in use. There is one great drawback in preserving the hose, which should be remedied at once, and that is. that all the houses in the department be furnished with hose wells or towers.

I also recommend that Protection Engine Company be supplied with two ladders—one twenty-four feet and the other fifteen feet, and six hooks to be in their immediate vicinity in case of fire.

The houses of the different companies are in good condition, excepting Rambler and Tiger Hose Companies, Astoria and Friendship Hook and Ladder Companies.

There is considerable dissatisfaction among the members of Jackson Engine Company with regard to the condition and location of their house. The house they occuoy is leased or rented by the year, and as a new building has been offered them in a better location suitable to the whole company on the main street, at no more expense to the citv than they are paying for their present quarters, 1 recommend that your honorable board consider the matter at your earliest convenience.

I would also recommend that the hand engines (which are rarely used where the water mains are laid), which may at any time become useless, especially during the summer months, when water is scarce and cisterns are dry, be sold and replaced by chemical engines excepting in the Hunter’s Point district, which I think needs a steamer ; at any rate, I think it would be well to get a chemical engine on trial.

The hose cart used by Hunter Engine Compony needs repairing very much.

I would recommend that a parade of the department be made in the latter part of September, if all the machines can be finished by that time.


Over 2500 persons witnessed a game of base-ball at Troy, N. Y., on May 21, between the police and the firemen, for the benefit of the police. The firemen Came off victorious by a score of nineteen to eighteen. There was over $1000 taken in at the gate. The New York Fire Department nine thinks of going out and playing the Troy firemen.

The New York Fire Department nine played one of the most interesting games of ball that has been played this season at the Metropolitan Park, May 21. Their opponents were the Bounvllle Base-ball Club of New York. The Bounvillc’s took home a goose egg and the fire boys carried off the honors. A remarkable feature of the game was that neither side made an error, and all the runs made was by superior batting. Sweeny of the old St. Louis club is catcher for the fire boys, while Mulligan of Hook and Ladder Company No. 8, of this city, curves the ball. The batteries for the Bounvillers were Anglcfinger, catcher, and Weise. pitcher. The score was eight to nothing In favor of the fire boys. On Tuesday, May 25, the firemen were winners in anoiher contest, with a score of nine to three. Chief Purroy has since been laid up with a severe cold, contracted on the diamond field. The firemen went to Ridgewood, L. I. on Thursday and did some effective playing with the Ridgewood club.

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