The Board of Fire Commissioners held their regular weekly session Wednesday morning, but in an informal manner, there being no trials of offending officers or men; President King in the chair.

Balances.—The following financial statement was presented: Liabilities for the week ending Monday, September 8, $635.86; total liabilities for the year, $132,313.82; balances of appropriations on Monday, September 8, on salaries, $348,544.50; on apparatus, supplies, &c., &c., $57,686.18, which was forwarded to the comptroller.

leaves of Absence.—The chief medical officer of the Board sent in recommendations for leaves of absence, and extensions of Ihe same in the cases of the following named sick and injured officers and men : Assistant Engineer Hallenbeck, of Engine Company No. 32, ten days; Foreman Hunter, of Engine Company No. 37, ten days; Fireman David Closey,of Engine Company No. 6, ten days; James Hackett, of Engine Company No. 23, five days; Michael Brady, of Engine Company No. 34, ten days; Alexander Sharp, of Hook and Ladder Company No. 7, eleven days; Patrick O’Callaghan, of Hook and Ladder Company No” 10, twenty days; John Hart, of Hook and Ladder Company No. 15, five days; Engineer James Massie, Jr., of Engine Company No. 43, five days ; Fireman Joseph F. Frock, of Engine Company No. 43, fifteen days; Thomas J. Ahearn, of Engine Company No. 25, two days; Fori man Coyle, of Engine Company No. 23, was excused from active fire duty, ten days; Foreman Kinnehan, of Engine Company No. 13, from the same for five days ; John S. Craft, of Engine Company No. 30, from the same for five days.


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NO. 2.

1. Only one copy of the requisitions, invoices, certificates of expenditure, affidavits of articles lost or destroyed, and receipts, will be made out to accompany the return of the proper officer as vouchers.

2. Returns will be sent in on the last day of the quarter for which they are made, and upon being examined notice will be sent to each person making such returns of the correctness or incorrectness of his return ; if incorrect the precise fault shall be stated, and to avoid confusion in such cases they will be particular to make the necessary correction in the retained copy of their returns, also making it correspond in every particular with the original.

3. All articles in the printed form of returns marked (*) may be expended; all others if used up or rendered unfit for further service shall be inspect! d and condemned.

4. Articles condemned shall be turned in to the captains in charge of the repair shops on the second Tuesday of each quarter, except when the necessities of the service require immediate transfer, and upon being turned in shall be accompanied by the duplicate copy of the certificate of inspection which shall serve as an invoice to said superintendent’s return, and he shall give a receipt lor such articles in form 6, and carry them forward on his return until their final disposition is ordered.

5. Requisitions for supplies of ail kmds will be made tor three months, so far as practicable, and must be sent in for approval on the Friday pr. ceding the second Monday in each quarter.

6. All repairs wh’ch can be made in the Department will be made on an order (form 81 signed by the Chief of Battalions or higher authority, which order with the receipt (lorm 11) shall be the voucher lor the expenditures incurred in making said repairs.

7. All articles marked In the printed form with a cross (+) must be called for on requisitions on the superintendent of the repair shop. Those marked with two asterisks (**) will be required of the superintendent of horses. Those marked with a triangle (a) will be required of the superintendent of buildings. For all other articles requisition must be made on the storekeeper.

8. The sale of articles authorised by the board shall be accounted for in the entry of sold, for which entry an abstract of articles sold (in which the quantity and price of each article sold shall lie specified) and a receipt from the treasurer of the board for the amount sold shall be the voucher.

9. Issues shall be accounted for under the head of issues, and the receipt with requisition attached shall be the proper voucher for that entry.

to. Materials used in the construction or manufacture of articles, or in making repairs, shall be entered under the head of ” Expended,” and a separate certificate of expenditure shall be the proper voucher.

11. Articles manufactured shall be taken up under the head of “ Received since last return,” and a separate invoice of articles manufactured shall be taken up under the head of ” Received since last return,” and a separate invoice of articles manu factored shall be the voucher for that entry; said invoice shall be inclosed with the following certificate: 1 certify on honor that this invoice contains all the articles made or constructed by me during this quarter.

12. In case of death of an officer responsible for public property, the Chief of Battalions shall immediately cause a correct inventory of the property lately in his charge to be madr, taking a receipt therefor from the successor of the deceased officer (which receipt he shall immediately transmit to the Secretary of the Board), and this inventory shall be the voucher for the articles on hand at last return. In the first return made by the new incumbent the Chief of Battalion will also cause the successor of the deceased officer to make out a separate return for the period of time intervening between the making out of the deceased’s last return and the date on which the inventory is made, and any deficiency which cannot then be regularly accounted for shall be entered in the spare line of the lower part of the return, and headed deficiency.

13. In case of the resignation or removal of any officer, or other person accountable for public property, he shall not receive his final pay except on presentation of a certificate from this office to the effect that he has made his final property return (which return shall be accompanied by a receipt from his successor for the articles therein claimed to be then on hand), and that it has been examined and found correct. He shall also give one copy of his last return to his successor, for whom it shall constitute the voucher for the first entry on his next return.

14. Suc-i old parts of apparatus, &c., as may in making repairs be replaced by new ones, shall be taken up in the second entry on the return of the superintendent making the repairs, and a separate invoice indorsed across its face, with his certificate as follows: “1 certify in honor that this invoice includes all the articles received by me In making repairs during this quarter,” shall be the voucher for such entry.

15. Hereafter the bills for all goods of whatever kind, by whomsoever purchased for the use of this Department, will be sent to the officer superintendent or other person receiving such goods, and immediately upon their receipt he shall enter the same In an invoice hook kept for that purpose, and said officer, superintendent or other person shall immediately thereafter forward such bills to the Property Clerk, with an indorsement thereon that such goods have been by him received and the bill entered.

16. It shall be the duty of the Property Clerk to examine the property returns, comparing the entry received since last return with certified invoices in bis possession, and send notice to the officer, superintendent or other person making the return of the correctness or incorrectness of the same. He shall furnish the Board of Commissioners on their first meeting in each quarter, or as soon thereafter as practicable, with a consolidated property return, accompanied with a certificate that such consolidated return is correct in every particular.

For the purpose of correcting the property returns so as to include in them all Department property of whatever kind, value, or descrip:ion and without reference to toe manner ot its receipt or acquisition it is ordered.

1. That on the 31st inst., each superintendent, officer, or employee having in his possession or charge Department property, shall carefully verify his lost property return by taking an accurate and minute inventory of such property and shall take up on the return to be made for the current quarter all such articles which have not heretofore appeared on the return. The return for the current quarter shall be accompanied by a certificate from each officer in the following form. “I hereby certify that the articles enumerated in this certificate comprise all which were found to be on hand at the time of making the inventory on this date and which were not heretofore accounted for upon the property re urn.”

2. The returns of the several companies shall be verified by their respective Chiefs of Battalion by actual count and inspection on or as soon after the 31st inst. as possible, corrected where necessary and certified to by them. The practice w hich has obtained to some extent of expending upon the property returns all the feed, forage and like articles received, when in fact considerable quantities of such articles must and do still remain on hand at the date of making the return must ci ase, and the regulation heretofore prescribed for securing proper accountability for public property and the rendition of the property returns must be strictly adhered to with reference to expenditures as well as in all other respects.

(Concluded in next issue.)

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