Clarence Goldsmith Joins 25-Year Club

Clarence Goldsmith Joins 25-Year Club

Clarence Goldsmith

The Twenty-Five Year Club of the National Board of Fire Underwriters on Saturday added another member to its roll at a luncheon held at the Drug and Chemical Club in honor of Clarence Goldsmith, the new member

Twenty-five years ago Clarence Goldsmith was then Civil Engineer with the water works in Lawrence, Mass.

Now he is Assistant Chief Engineer of the National Board in charge of the Chicago office and is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Electrical Institute, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and a Lieutenant-Colonel in the U.

S.Reserve Army.

Other members of the Twenty-Five-Year Club are W. E. Mallalieu, General Manager; A. C. Hutson. Assistant Chief Engineer: R. C.

Dennett, Engineer, and Chas.

H. Lum, Assistant General Manager in charge of the San Francisco office.

Others of the National Board who started with the organization more than twenty-five years ago, but who are not eligible to the Twenty-Five-Year Club because their service was not continuous, are George W. Booth, Chief Engineer, who began in 1904 but was away two years and J. H. Howland whose twenty-five years of service were interrupted by a leave of one year while in Florida.

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