Clark Heads Pennsylvania Firemen

Clark Heads Pennsylvania Firemen

Chief Michael E. Clark, Williamsport, Pa., was elected President of the Pennsylvania State Firemen’s Association, at the annual convention held at Williamsport for which nearly 3,000 persons had registered.

The Vice-Presidents are George Lee, Royersford; Thomas Campbell, Newton Square; John Johnson, DuBois, and Thomas E. Evans, Scranton. James B. Aumen, Gettysburg, was re-elected Treasurer and Charles E. Clark, Wayne, re-elected Secretary.

The 1937 convention will be held in Philadelphia.

During the convention Dr. David J. Price, of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, gave a talk on “Explosions and Fires Caused by Water.” It was followed by a recently completed sound motion picture on “Dangerous Dusts.”

D. L. McElroy of West Virginia University spoke on “Fire Department Instruction Schools in West Virginia.” J. O. Keller, Pennsylvania State College, gave a talk on a “Training Program for Pennsylvania Firemen.” “Flood Conditions in Pittsburgh, 1936,” were described by Ex-Chief Richard Lee Smith, Pittsburgh.

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