Clearwater Complex Fires Destroy Nearly 30 Homes

Firefighters working the Clearwater Complex said Sunday that it is likely the devastation from the fires adjacent to Kamiah, Idaho is far from over, reports

“This is a situation where we have a big possibility that there’s going to be additional structures lost in this fire,” said Mike Cole with the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team.

The complex is composed of five fire that started Thursday night when a lightening storm moved through the area. It’s now 52,759 areas has claimed roughly 30 homes and 75 outbuildings. The majority of the loss was a result of Friday’s strong winds that sent flames from the Lawyer 2 Fire ripping through the ridge east of Kamiah. Cole said that minimal resources has made it hard to keep up.

“Every resource you can think of is on short demand in this country right now,” he said.

He is expected another Type 1 Team to help in the effort soon. About 750 personnel have been assigned to the fire and there was air support today. Cole said that the biggest help has come from people in the area: farmers, neighbors and homeowners.

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