Cleveland Firemen Interested in Golf

Cleveland Firemen Interested in Golf

Enthusiasm for golf has reached such a high pitch in Cleveland among members of the Fire Department that during the past winter the Cleveland Firemen’s Golf Association was formed with Thomas F. McManamon, President and George E. Witty of Fire Station No. 1, Secretary-Treasurer.

Edwin D. Barry, Director of Public Safety, donated a silver trophy and George A. Wallace, 85-year old veteran Fire Chief, followed suit. When interviewed about golf, Chief Wallace said:

“I am not quite old enough for golf, but if a football team is organized, I will be a candidate for the position of fullback.”

The association is composed of 250 members of the Fire Department. During the season of 1930 three tournaments were conducted, and even though many of the entrants have only been playing golf for a short time, the scores were remarkably low.

Officials of the Cleveland Fire Department have given their approval to the new organization. Practice nets are already appearing in the old lofts of many fire stations, and members are devoting spare moments to bettering their game.

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