As forecast by The FIRE ENGINEER last month, the differences that resulted last September in a split in the Fire Marshals’ Association of North America were completely healed when the two factions met in New York, December 8-10, and-the new organization dissolved. F. H. Ellsworth, Insurance Commissioner and ex-officio Fire Marshal of Michigan, was selected by the two organizations as temporary presiding officer. All the officers of both organizations then resigned, and new officers wexe elected as follow’s :

President—J. A. Tracy, Iowa.

Vice President—VV. A. McSwain, South Carolina.

Secretary and Treasurer—E. T. Hussey, Kansas.

Executive Committee—The three officers, W. N. Van Camp, South Dakota and H. L. Reade, North Dakota.

The broad-minded, generous spirit of unselfishness so evidenced in retiring president Gamber’s call for this meeting, and in his opening address, was the dominant spirit of the convention.

No one could sit among this body of men, look into their earnest faces and listen to their inspiring talks, without the conviction that the citizenry of our country owe? a debt of gratitude to them for the splendid work they are doing in the conservation of life and property.

And this debt will increase with the passing years, as the value of their work becomes better appreciated and the results more apparent.

Education is a slow and ofttimes discouraging work, but its ultimate results are almost certain, so that when the school children of today become the property owners of tomorrow, they will see to it that chimneys are properly constructed, vertical openings fireproofed, wooden shingles outlawed, and, if the smoker don’t “watch his match” and his “butt” more carefully, “Lady Nicotine” is likely to join “John Barleycorn” in the realms of the prohibited.

Tn our January issue we will give a fuller report of this splendid meeting, together with the complete program of addresses, a number of which are published in this issue, these having been sent to us in advance of the meeting in response to our request, and for which we are very appreciative.

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