As the convention was adjourned sine die, out of respect to the memory of Mrs. Stagg, the secretary moved that the committee appointed to prepare suitable memorials on the death of deceased members should be instructed to prepare suitable memorials and forward them to the secretary for insertion in the proceedings of this convention. The motion was unanimously agreed to. It was also unanimously agreed on motion of Chief Higgins, that the officers of the association should be impowered, if in their judgment anything is required by former President Stagg for immediate use, to extend to him what they think proper and right, to be paid for out of the treasury of the association. Chief W. T. Belt, of Washington, D. C., Extended his thanks for the honor bestowed on himself and through him upon Washington, in the association’s choice of that city as the place in which to hold the next annual convention. He assured the members that he would do all in his power to make them comfortable.

C. G. Smith stated that copies of the building code to which he referred in his paper, were on hand and could be taken by the members. He added:

I want to say just one word further, to express my feelings of the disposition of your members to dispense with all business matters, owing to the very distressing affliction that has befallen your president—one which depresses us all. I desire to add my expression of sympathy to that which has already been expressed to you, gentlemen.” He concluded by saying that he was very happy to say that he was to return to the National Board of Fire Underwriters and report that he had been most favorably impressed with the whole of the proceedings of the association. Its members had demonstrated executive business ability second to none that it had his pleasure to witness. The determination, the sincere effort and close attention which has been shown to the proceedings and to the papers was very commendable. Secretary McFall moved that, as a slight appreciation by the association, Charles G. Smith should be placed on its honorary list, in recognition of his attending the convention and reading his very interesting paper, supplemented by his presentation of the building code. The motion was seconded and unanimously agreed to.

Mr. Smith briefly returned thanks for so doing. He looked upon it as a high compliment.


Chief Norton in behalf of the New Jersey delegation, begged to extend its sincere thanks to every member of the convention for the sympathy and respect which had been shown to Chief Stagg. of New Jersey, in the sad demise of his beautiful wife and affectionate mother. He expressed his deep sorrow at thinking that, when he was coming out of the cars, he “saw that beautiful woman, filled with glee and with that laughing blue eye, and then—to think that now she is no more!” The New Jersey delegation united in extending to the association its sincere thanks.

On motion, the convention adjourned sine die. to meet at Washington in 1907.

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