The Co-operative Association of Central Ohio Fire Chiefs, the preliminary organization of which was effected on July 20, took place at Columbus, O., on October 12, the meeting being held at headquarters of the fire department of that city. Chief Charles J. Lauer, of the Columbus department, who was prime mover in the enterprise, died on September 10 and the work carried out will, it is stated, be in a way a memorial to him.

Memorial to Late Chief Charles J. Lauer.

At the meeting Chief T. J. McFarland, of Marion, O., presented the following memorial resolution which was adopted unanimously by a rising vote: “On Friday, September 10th, 1915, there was removed from the active forces of fire prevention and fire protection one of the ablest factors that has for many years contributed strength to these movements. Charles J. Lauer, Chief of the Fire Department of Columbus, Ohio, and regarded by all as one of the best fire-fighters in the country, passed on to his reward after a long term of service. Born in Columbus in 1855, he was a resident of that city most of his life, the last sixteen years of which he used to its utmost in protecting the property of the citizens as its Fire Chief. Glowing eulogies and fine words are not necessary in speaking of a full and a good life. The record of Charles J. Lauer and the recitation of his many deeds are proof positive of the exceptional character and many virtues that he possessed. Under his regime the fire department of Columbus was almost entirely divorced from politics through its both full and rigid civil service rules and requirements. He was one of the first fire chiefs in the country to put into force a full and complete system of building inspection by uniformed firemen and he was foremost among all the chiefs of the country to adopt national standard hose couplings and hydrant fittings and adapted the Columbus equipment to this standard. Lastly, he was the first chief, appreciating the value of co-operation among neighboring chiefs in the lending of material aid and inter-exchange of fire department service, to call together his brothers within a 50mile radius of the city in which he was head of the fire department. He fully appreciated how valuable this plan, once fully operative, would be for the conservation of the property in Central Ohio, and at a meeting which was held in Columbus July 20th, 1915, and which is to result in a permanent organization, those present, appreciating the value of his initiative, honored him by making him the first President of the organization. Those of us who were associated with Chief Lauer in this enterprise appreciate the value of his service and will greatly miss having his shoulder at the wheel. Death is no respecter of persons or the plans of men and therefore has removed from our midst a co-worker whose place cannot be filled. Charles J. Lauer is no longer with us but it would be his wish in all probability that we carry forward the work which he started, and no greater testimonial of our regard for him can be made than by prosecuting the work which he has started. Therefore, Be It Resolved, That, as president of the temporary organization, this association make this a memorial to him and that this be spread upon our minutes and a copy be sent to the widow of the deceased, as a tangible evidence of our high regard and love for one who did his work faithfuly and well.”

Chief Engineer Val. Brockmeyer, of Chillicothe, O.

Officers Elected.

The following officers were elected at the meeting: President, Jenkins Daniels, Chief of the Columbus Fire Department; Vice-President, Val Brockmeyer, Chief of the Chillicothe Fire Department; Secretary-Treasurer, S. C. Neff, Secretary of the Ohio State Fire Prevention Association, of Columbus, O. The Executive Committee is as follows: (Elected)—Sam’l F. Hunter, Chairman, Chief, Springfield, O.; Jenkins Daniels, Chief, Columbus, O.; Val Brockmeyer, Chief, Chillicothe, O. (Appointed by Chair)—George Singer, Chief, Marysville, O.; T. J. McFarland, Chief, Marion, O. As assistants to the Executive Committee the following associate members were asked to serve: Clark F. Hinman, State Agent of the Prussian National Ins. Co., being also Chairman of Columbus Sub-District of the Fire Protection & Water Supplies Committee of the Ohio State Fire Prevention Association, and Paul B. Sommers, State Agent of the Scottish Union & National Ins. Co., being also Chairman of the Fire Protection & Water Supplies Committee of the Ohio State Fire Prevention Association. The Membership Committee, six named by the President, consists of 2 active members, 4 associate, 2 representing insurance interests, 2 representing Fire Department interests; T. J. McFarland, Chairman, Chief of Marion Fire Department; L. Rausch, Chief of Newark Fire Department; Clark O. Wood, Special Agent, Home Insurance Co., of New York; also President of the Ohio State hire Prevention Association, Columbus, O.; A. C. Speed, State Agent of the American Central Ins. Co.; Richard F. Cleary, Manager Fire Dept. Sales, Sewell Cushion Wheel Co., of Detroit, Mich.; H. B. Spain, of Columbus, of the Seagrave Co. The constitution provides that the objects of the Association shall be: 1. The promotion of the standardization of hose couplings and fire department equipment in cities within a fifty-five (55) mile radius of Columbus. 2. For the enactment and enforcement of uniform state laws and city ordinances which affect fire departments, fire prevention and protection. 3. The furthering of acquaintance among members so that a clear understanding may be had in the lending of mutual aid in matters relating to performance of duty. 4. The dissemination of information relative to reliability of alarms, means of transportation and practicability of response among cities in Central Ohio in the inter-exchange of services. 5. The working out of all problems relating to conflagrations and the lending of aid to one another during heavy fires, and for the conservation of resources of Central Ohio which are subject to destruction through conflagration.

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