CO2 Mobile Generator

CO2 Mobile Generator

A mobile-dioxide generator of the fuel oil type that increases production capacity from 156 to 300 lbs. per hour is reported currently undergoing technical tests at the Engineer Research and Development Laboratories, Fort Belvoir. Virginia.

Designed to operate efficiently at ambient temperatures ranging from—40 deg. to 130 deg., the plant is 12 1/2 ft. high, nine ft. wide and 35 ft. long. Its gross weight of 43,000 lbs. is borne by 12.00 x 20 pneumatic tires in dual arrangement.

Commercial plants of the same capacity weigh about twice as much and occupv roughly twice as much space, compressed gas engineers at the Laboratories point out. The new generator is said to have all the essentia! features of large-scale CO2 generating plants, despite sharp military limitations on weight and dimensions.

Uses for the gas it produces include fire-fighting, therapeutics, etc. A second mobile generator of the same specifications is expected at the laboratories shortly.

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